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FIFA World Cup 2022 Official Emblem

 The FIFA world cup 2022 emblem describes Qatar's national flag. Qatar's national flag consists of burgundy and white colors. this emblem depicts  Arab culture, and heritage and connects the world to Qatar

Qatar world cup emblem
FIFA world cup emblem


This emblem depicts Qatar's culture, heritage, and geography. There is many term below this line that describes Arabic culture.

Shawl- In the winter season people are worn shawls in different areas of the world. Like football, their popularity is a unifying  force, woven into the everyday fabric of people's lives 

Trophy- The emblem looks like the FIFA World cup trophy.

Cachet- In the emblem there is a reference to the Arabic rich calligraphic tradition.

Decorative elements- There is a floral design on the emblem. Which is a symbol of Arab traditional arts. 

Kasheeda- It is a term in Arabic calligraphy. "kasheeda" word means "extended". Under the emblem there is written "Qatar", Q and t of the word are a little extended; this writing style is called kasheeda.

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