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Mourinho left the UEFA football board after the ban

 Mourinho left the UEFA football board after the ban

Mourinho left the UEFA football
Mourinho left the UEFA football(Getty)

With reference to the misconduct, UEFA has imposed a ban on Jose Mourinho. He has now come up with a "turnaround plan" involving the formation of a UEFA Football Board consisting of coaches and former footballers. Mourinho has written in a letter to UEFA President, Aleksander Čeferin, expressing his decision, stating, "Thank you for inviting me to the Football Board. However, I am distancing myself from this group, which will be effective immediately."

Although the specific reasons for his distancing are not mentioned, Mourinho's dissatisfaction with UEFA is evident, especially for the 60-year-old Roma coach, who did not hide his discontent. Mourinho writes, "The subjects in which I had strong beliefs and joined this group no longer exist. Therefore, I felt obliged to make this decision. I kindly request that you inform UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin of my decision."

A day before delivering this letter, UEFA announced penalties against Mourinho. Following the UEFA Europa League final between Roma and Sevilla at the end of last month, Mourinho verbally abused referee Anthony Taylor. Prior to that, he had shown his dissatisfaction with the referee's decision on the field after seeing a yellow card.

On that day, supporters of Roma also confronted referee Taylor and his family at the airport. After investigating the whole matter, UEFA announced penalties against Mourinho and Roma. Mourinho was given a four-match ban in UEFA-organized matches, and Roma was banned from selling tickets for their next European competition match and fined €55,000.

The UEFA Football Board is a group composed of top coaches and former players who work on various football-related issues. Their work includes football laws and regulations.

On April 24, UEFA's executive committee approved the Football Board. This board meets annually to discuss matters of importance.

Among the coaches in the UEFA Football Board are Carlo Ancelotti, Zinedine Zidane, Gareth Southgate, and Ronald Koeman. And among the former footballers are Petr Čech, Gareth Bale, and Juan Mata.

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