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Questions to answer to find out what happened on Titan

 Questions to answer to find out what happened on Titan

Titan Submarine
Titan Submarine

The reasons behind the destruction of the submarine Titan in the depths of the Atlantic will be known by examining its remains. A thorough investigation will be conducted.

On Thursday, remnants of the two parts of Titan were found. They were found near the remains of the Titanic. The United States Coast Guard is speculating about the causes of the destruction of the Titan submarine based on these findings. They suggest that there may have been an explosion in the submarine in the depths of the ocean.

Why did the explosion occur on Titan?

Upon examining the remains of Titan, it was remembered that at some point after the start of the journey towards the depths of the ocean, a hole or rupture was observed in the submarine. The submarine was so deep underwater that the pressure from the water above it was several thousand tons, equivalent to the weight of the entire Eiffel Tower. The occupants inside the submarine were protected by the outer casing of Titan. However, if there was a rupture, it would have caused water to rush in under tremendous pressure.

How will the investigation be conducted?

To determine how the explosion occurred on Titan and what steps could be taken to prevent it, investigators plan to examine the remnants of the submarine together. They believe that Ryan Ramsay, the former submarine pilot of the UK Navy, will be involved in this investigation.

Ryan Ramsay stated that there was no black box in the submarine, similar to those found on airplanes. Therefore, it will not be possible to determine what happened in the final moments. Apart from this, the other investigation procedures will not be separate from the investigation of an aviation accident.

However, it will be difficult to determine where the rupture occurred on Titan. This is because the entire submarine has been fragmented into small pieces. And retrieving these parts will be even more challenging since they have been collected from great depths underwater.

What was the precautionary measure on Titan?

According to the owner organization OceanGate's website, there was always a surveillance system in place to monitor the external conditions of the submarine. This allowed them to assess the impact on the submarine when it descended into the depths of the water. If any issues were observed, they would notify the monitoring system.

It worked similarly to a precautionary measure on Titan. If it functioned properly, the submarine's operator would have been aware of any potential accidents beforehand and could have surfaced it. In case of any problems with the submarine's external conditions, investigators would attempt to determine why the monitoring system did not work.

How will the remnants of Titan be examined?

After collecting the remnants of Titan, the investigators will examine them. Each debris will be placed under microscopic examination to determine the location of the rupture.

Could Titan have been operated without safety inspections?

Many experts suggest that Titan was submerged in water without sufficient inspection and examination. Now, if any ruptures are found during the examination of its remnants, it raises the question of whether the concerns of the experts were valid.

For the operation of most commercial vessels, approval is required. The entire vessel is inspected to ensure that it was constructed according to specific standards. However, the case of OceanGate is different. The organization claims that Titan was an experimental vessel, and the prevailing standards were not suitable for its approval.

Recently, their statement raised questions. Professor David Andrews from University College London stated that it is correct to have approval for research purposes without inspection. However, when they start carrying passengers, many people will raise concerns.

What other tests were conducted?

There is another aspect to investigate. After each descent into the depths of the Titan's ocean, it would experience a compression of the water pressure. When it resurfaced, it would return to its normal shape. The repeated occurrence of this phenomenon raised concerns about the structural integrity of the submarine. It is not clear whether this aspect was regularly tested.

Who will conduct the investigation?

It is not yet clear who will conduct the investigation into the Titan disaster. According to Rear Admiral John Maurer of the United States Coast Guard, determining the investigating authority is complicated because the incident occurred in international waters, involving many countries.

However, since the discovery of Titan's wreckage, the United States Coast Guard has taken on a significant role in the investigation. Therefore, it can be assumed that this agency will play a crucial role in the search for answers.

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