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Sergio Aguero's Controversial Statements on Cristiano Ronaldo: A Tale of Contradictions

 Sergio Aguero's Controversial Statements on Cristiano Ronaldo: A Tale of Contradictions

Sergio Aguero's Controversial Statements on Cristiano Ronaldo
Sergio Aguero's Controversial Statements on Cristiano Ronaldo

A few days ago, Sergio Aguero announced that Cristiano Ronaldo is an ordinary footballer, which received a lot of criticism. However, even after that, he contradicted himself in his own statements.

Sergio Aguero has had arguments with many footballers before, including Cristiano Ronaldo. Although not directly involved with him, he has been indirectly involved in controversies with Argentina's former star player, Sergio Aguero. Recently, Lionel Messi commented on this former rivalry with Ronaldo, stating that CR7 is just an average footballer. This comment sparked further debates and caused many of Ronaldo's fans to mock Sergio. In response, he stated, "What I have said about Cristiano as an ordinary footballer, I cannot say what people say."

Sergio Aguero is familiar with Messi due to their close friendship during their time at Manchester City. They have been best friends since their time in the Argentina Junior team. Aguero regularly streams live on Twitch. In April, he discussed Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi's best goals with Ibai Llanos, the owner of Kings League. He mentioned that Messi is a much better footballer than Cristiano Ronaldo. He said, "Look at where Ronaldo scores his goals from. There are many mistakes by the goalkeeper when it comes to his free kicks. I think Raul scored better goals than him. I believe Benjamin scored many great goals as well. Out of Ronaldo's top 20 goals, 15 came from free kicks. On the other hand, out of Messi's top 20 goals, more than five were scored by more than five footballers." He also mentioned that Portuguese star Messi cannot be compared equally.

After this criticism of Ronaldo, Sergio Aguero faced criticism from various directions. During a recent live streaming session, he responded to the criticism he received. He said, "I have been criticized for calling Cristiano Ronaldo an 'ordinary footballer.' I cannot say what people say. I was with Ibai, and I jokingly made those remarks. Because Ibai is a Real Madrid fan. I said it jokingly, but people took it seriously."

Sergio Aguero retired from football in 2021 due to a heart condition. Argentine icon Lionel Messi is set to join Inter Miami in the United States. On the other hand, Cristiano Ronaldo has joined Saudi Pro League club Al Nassr.

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