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Amalie Vangsgaard's Last-Minute Header Seals Denmark's World Cup Win

 Amalie Vangsgaard's Last-Minute Header Seals Denmark's World Cup Win

Amalie Vangsgaard's Last-Minute Header
Amalie Vangsgaard's Last-Minute Header(Image-Getty)

Amalie Vangsgaard, the talented forward from Paris St Germain, secured Denmark a victorious start in their first Women's World Cup since 2007. The match took place at Perth Oval on Saturday, and it ended with a 1-0 triumph against China.

In the 90th minute, Vangsgaard made a significant impact just five minutes after being substituted. She brilliantly headed a long-range shot from Pernille Harder's corner into the net, breaking the deadlock.

Throughout the game, Harder showcased her skills as a key forward for the Danish team, who maintained control of possession but struggled to create clear scoring opportunities.

It wasn't until the 52nd minute that a genuine scoring chance emerged in the match. Unfortunately, Denmark's Josefine Hasbo failed to convert a header in front of an open goal, granting China a fortunate reprieve.

As the game progressed, China showed more urgency, particularly after bringing forward Wang Shuang. In the 76th minute, they came close to conceding an own goal when Wang Shanshan's clearing header narrowly missed the post.

With this victory, Denmark now shares the top spot in Group D with England, who earlier defeated Haiti 1-0 in Brisbane. Denmark's upcoming match will be against the European champions in Sydney on Friday, while China will face Haiti in Adelaide.

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