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Andy Cole Urges Fans to Seize Rare Opportunity in Edinburgh

 Andy Cole Urges Fans to Seize Rare Opportunity in Edinburgh

Andy Cole Urges Fans to Seize Rare Opportunity in Edinburgh
Andy Cole Urges Fans to Seize Rare Opportunity in Edinburgh(Image-Getty)

Manchester United Legend Andy Cole Urges Fans to Embrace Rare Opportunity to Watch Reds in Edinburgh

Former Manchester United striker and Treble-winner, Andy Cole, is encouraging fans in Scotland to seize the rare chance to witness their beloved club play north of the border. Cole, who enjoyed watching United's first pre-season friendly where Erik ten Hag's young team triumphed over Leeds United with a 2-0 victory, is eagerly anticipating the upcoming match against Lyon in Edinburgh.

Tickets for Wednesday's game at Murrayfield are still available, and Cole has a clear message for undecided fans: "Go and enjoy it. It's not every day that Manchester United comes to town. It'll be a high-quality match between two talented teams, both aiming to get fit for the season ahead. So, it's a game you definitely want to attend and savor."

As a player and club ambassador, Cole has experienced the excitement that accompanies United's presence in a city. He emphasizes the tremendous turnout of fans during pre-season, calling it "absolutely crazy." Therefore, he advises anyone with the opportunity to seize it and attend the game.

While Murrayfield is widely known as a renowned rugby union venue, the choice of stadium might raise eyebrows. However, Cole is fully supportive of the decision, drawing parallels with his own experience of playing at the Melbourne Cricket Ground during United's post-Treble tour in 1999. The Reds returned to the cricket ground last summer, triumphing over Melbourne Victory 4-1 in Ten Hag's second game in charge.

Cole enthusiastically states, "I think it will be brilliant at Murrayfield. We had the opportunity in Australia to play at a cricket ground, which doesn't happen often. But I can proudly say that I've played football at a major cricket stadium. So, I believe it will be fantastic to experience it in Scotland. It's a different kind of stadium with a unique atmosphere, but it'll be good fun."

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