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Caban's Journey From Patrol Officer to New York City Police Commissioner

 Caban's Journey From Patrol Officer to New York City Police Commissioner

Caban's Journey From Patrol Officer to New York City Police Commissioner
Caban's Journey From Patrol Officer to New York City Police Commissioner

Carlos Caban embarked on his journey in law enforcement back in 1991, commencing his service as a patrol officer in the vibrant and challenging South Bronx. His dedication to policing runs in the family, as he stems from a lineage of police officers, including his father, who served as a distinguished New York City Transit detective, and three brothers who followed suit by joining the city's police department.

In recognition of his commitment and competence, Caban's career trajectory swiftly ascended. By 1994, he achieved the rank of sergeant, demonstrating his exceptional skills and leadership capabilities. Five years later, in 1999, he further elevated his position, becoming a lieutenant within the police force.

Reflecting on his humble beginnings, Caban reminisced about his early days as a "young Puerto Rican kid from Parkchester, stationed on a foot post in the South Bronx." Standing alongside his father, he acknowledged the reality that individuals with his background were not commonly seen in high-ranking positions within the department during those times. Nevertheless, Caban's determination and perseverance propelled him forward, paving the way for others who would follow his footsteps.

Praising Caban's remarkable achievements, the Commissioner of the New York City Police Department, Eric Adams, described him as one of New York's finest, acknowledging his comprehensive understanding of the significance of maintaining both safety and justice. Commissioner Adams further highlighted the positive impact Caban has made on the city, noting a decline in major crimes throughout the summer.

According to recent departmental data, the overall crime rate in New York City has notably decreased over the past three months. This includes a significant 17% reduction in shootings and a 3% drop in homicides for the month of June, when compared to the corresponding period in 2022.

Caban assumed the crucial role of Police Commissioner following the unexpected resignation of Keechant Sewell, who held the distinction of being the first woman to lead the department. Sewell's departure occurred after serving in the position for 18 months, with no specific reasons disclosed for her decision to step down.

Carlos Caban's illustrious career, which commenced in 1991 as a patrol officer in the South Bronx, represents a testament to his dedication, familial legacy, and his continuous pursuit of excellence. As he confidently assumes his new responsibilities as Police Commissioner, Caban stands as an inspiring figure for countless individuals, both within the police force and the wider community, demonstrating that diverse backgrounds can thrive in leadership positions within law enforcement.

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