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It is 'impossible' for Real Madrid to sign Mbappé at this moment

 It is 'impossible' for Real Madrid to sign Mbappé at this moment

It is 'impossible' for Real Madrid to sign Mbappé at this moment
It is 'impossible' for Real Madrid to sign Mbappé at this moment (Getty)

The solution to the question about Lionel Messi's future has been resolved. In the sky of football, another question is now emerging - What about Kylian Mbappé's future? The French star has informed Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) through a letter that he does not want to stay at the club after the upcoming season. Therefore, PSG wants to sell him in the current transfer window.

Many, including Messi, have advised Mbappé to move to Real Madrid. It is Mbappé's own desire to go to Santiago Bernabéu. His mother also wants him to join the most successful club in football history.

In the market of transfers, there has been speculation for a long time that Real Madrid wants Mbappé at any cost. Even without a new contract with PSG, they tried to lure him to their team. If they cannot secure his services, Real Madrid has not given up hope of acquiring him in the future.

Many football pundits and ordinary football lovers believe that now that the opportunity has arisen, Mbappé will not leave Real. However, Spanish media marker and journalist José Félix Díaz wrote in one of his reports that it is "impossible" for Real Madrid to strike a deal with Mbappé at this moment.

Why did José Félix Díaz write such a report? Real had the opportunity to sign Mbappé in 2022, and why would it now be impossible for them to buy him? Real Madrid also has no lack of financial resources. In addition, they do not face financial policy and salary structure issues like Barcelona. So, what is the problem that prevents Real from capturing Mbappé?

According to Díaz's report, Mbappé himself does not want to leave PSG this year. His contract with PSG runs until June of the next year. If the contract expires, he will receive a hefty signing bonus. PSG wants to leave with that bonus amount, so they want to sell Mbappé before he becomes a free agent. That's why PSG wants to sell Mbappé in this transfer window. Combining all the factors, it is difficult to determine what the future holds for Mbappé in the upcoming season.

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