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Lionel Messi's Arrival in Inter Miami Sparks Tremendous Excitement and Expectations

 Lionel Messi's Arrival in Inter Miami Sparks Tremendous Excitement and Expectations

Lionel Messi's Arrival in Inter Miami Sparks Tremendous Excitement
Lionel Messi's Arrival in Inter Miami Sparks Tremendous Excitement (Image-Getty)

Lionel Messi is going somewhere; the excitement surrounding him won't diminish. How does it happen? Argentina's captain didn't choose Miami. He will play for Inter Miami, the Major League Soccer team in the United States. The celebration surrounding his arrival is tremendous. At the beginning of June, Messi surprised everyone by announcing his move to Inter Miami. After ending his contract with PSG, the question was where he would go, and extensive research was conducted on this matter. The Saudi Arabian club Al-Hilal even made an unbelievable offer to Messi. However, Argentina's World Cup-winning captain chose the Florida-based club Inter Miami.

Messi's arrival has created a frenzy in Miami. The interest in a team that has been struggling on the field is truly extraordinary. All tickets for their matches in Miami have been sold. A new gallery is also being built in their stadium. Wherever Messi goes, a small gallery won't be enough! A big gallery is needed there.

On Tuesday, as soon as Messi's plane touched down in Miami, the celebration of love began. The airport is not far from Inter Miami's ground. Many fans went to the airport to welcome the Argentine superstar. They sang, "We are waiting for you, Messi...!"

Many people went there who hadn't even seen Messi with their own eyes, saying, "I haven't seen Messi, what has happened! I'll see him later, maybe in 10 days or a month. We have come here just for him."

Miami's fans are now eagerly awaiting Messi's coronation. On July 21, he will face Mexican club Cruz Azul in the League Cup. This match will be a gathering of Americans, Mexicans, and Canadians, and many will be transformed in this multicultural event.

Raúl Patiño is an Argentine. About a decade ago, he came to Florida in search of a livelihood. He is delighted to have the Argentine World Cup-winning captain in the United States. According to him, Messi's arrival is a historic event for American football. Raúl believes that Messi's presence in Inter Miami will bring about a qualitative change in American football, stating, "Messi is one of the greatest footballers in the history of football. He is on the same level as Maradona or Pelé. If you ask children in the United States in the next 10 years which sport they prefer, they will undoubtedly talk about football. That's the impact of Messi's arrival."

Although Messi has not yet stepped onto the field, the economic impact of his arrival in the United States is evident. The price of tickets for Inter Miami's matches has already increased several times. The ticket price for the match against Cruz Azul, which used to be $29, has now risen to $329 due to Messi. In Inter Miami, Messi will play under the former Barcelona and Argentine coach Gerardo Martino. At the same time, Sergio Busquets, a former Barcelona star, will be his teammate in Miami.

A massive portrait of Messi has been created in Miami's Wynwood Arts District. It was painted by an Argentine artist named Maximiliano Bagnasco. However, so far, only Messi's face has been drawn. Bagnasco is working on capturing his entire body, and it will feature Messi in the Inter Miami jersey.

Messi hasn't set foot on the field yet, but the excitement surrounding him has already begun. Where this excitement will go when he steps onto the field is the subject of anticipation.

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