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Lionel Messi's Arrival Transforms American Football Scene

 Lionel Messi's Arrival Transforms American Football Scene

Lionel Messi's Arrival Transforms American Football Scene
 Lionel Messi's Arrival Transforms American Football Scene(Image-Getty)

Lionel Messi has not yet been crowned in American football. Even an official introduction has not taken place. However, Messi is coming—the announcement itself has completely transformed the country's football. Previously, there was hardly any interest in American football in the United States. But now, it seems that the American football scene has gained a new hue, eagerly anticipating Messi's arrival.

In the meantime, Inter Miami has also made efforts to formally introduce Messi to the club's supporters. His arrival has not only excited Inter Miami but has also generated excitement among rival teams. One MLS coach even expressed a special concern for Messi's safety.

Since the World Cup, speculation about Messi's next destination has been created. At that time, Barcelona, Saudi club Al-Hilal, and MLS club Inter Miami were mentioned. After various dramas, it has been confirmed that there will be no contract renewal at Barcelona. Subsequently, news of Messi joining Inter Miami was confirmed by Messi himself. This announcement sparked a storm in the American sports world, starting from sponsorships to ordinary viewers.

However, along with the excitement surrounding Messi's arrival, some concerns have also arisen. After the decision to join Inter Miami, there have been doubts. Inter Miami's Dutch goalkeeper, Nick Marsman, stated that Inter Miami is not yet ready for Messi. The main reason cited by the club's goalkeeper is, "I believe that Inter Miami is not prepared for Messi's arrival. Our stadium is temporary, and people can enter the field if they wish. We also lack security without any protection in the stadium. So, in my opinion, the club is not ready, even though I want him to come."

 It's not just a matter of protocol; many are also considering providing physical security to Messi on the field. Some even demanded special protection for Messi from referees. An unnamed MLS coach stated, "Messi should receive the same level of security as Michael Jordan. Every foul against him should be scrutinized."

The idea of providing special protection to Messi is not entirely new. Opposing team players have previously talked about Messi receiving special treatment as the Argentine captain. Complaints have been made at various times that referees and the league provide special privileges to Messi. Stars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos have also been listed among those who believe Messi holds special influence over referees.

Referee Robert Sibiga has also mentioned Messi's name in relation to writing it on MLS's referee list. He believes Messi's arrival will create additional pressure on referees, stating, "This is not at the level of David Beckham or Zlatan Ibrahimovic. It's a different level. As a referee, you never want the game to be ruined or for less experienced players to suffer from Lionel Messi-like challenges."

In the meantime, the presentation of Messi before Inter Miami supporters was announced last Friday. The event to introduce Messi will take place on July 16 at Inter Miami's own stadium. A statement sent by the club confirmed this arrangement. Messi's official debut in American football will be on July 21, starting a new journey with Mexican club Cruz Azul in the league cup, following their victory in the World Cup.
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