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Lionel Messi's Magical Comeback | Thrilling Victory for Inter Miami

 Lionel Messi's Magical Comeback | Thrilling Victory for Inter Miami

Lionel Messi's Magical Comeback. Thrilling Victory for Inter Miami
Lionel Messi's Magical Comeback. Thrilling Victory for Inter Miami(Image-Getty)

The stage was all set. Everyone was eagerly waiting for the magician's appearance. Suddenly, in the final moments, the magician appeared. The Argentine magician Lionel Messi showed his magic. In Inter Miami's match, in the 94th minute, Messi's fabulous free-kick goal secured a fantastic victory for the team.

After more than two months, Inter Miami tasted victory against the Mexican club Cruz Azul. The victory also brought good news for the team in the league cup. Along with celebrating his goal, Messi conveyed his well-wishes to the team and also shared words of gratitude with Argentine fans. Later, he posted on Instagram to express his own joy.

In a thrilling celebration, Messi, as a full-fledged player for DRB PNK, made his way to the field, exchanging cheers with the spectators in the full gallery. Even though he had shown glimpses on the field several times, everyone had to wait until the last moment of the match to witness his real magic. After scoring the free-kick goal, Messi's celebration was worth watching. He flew towards the sideline to embrace the children present in the audience, showing his joy to them. The World Cup winner also expressed his happiness along with the supporters.

After the fantastic victory, Messi shared his emotions, saying, "It was a great match for us. We wanted to start with a victory for the present audience. Thank you to everyone who came here. We knew that getting a win at the beginning of this competition was crucial. I am very happy."

Messi believes that this victory will boost Inter Miami's confidence, especially in challenging times. He said, "I had one last opportunity to score a goal. Like always, I tried my best to score, and fortunately, I achieved it. Even though it's a different championship, this victory is significant. It was necessary for boosting our self-confidence."

Inter Miami's supporters greeted Messi's historic win with equal enthusiasm. Messi urged them to maintain this enthusiasm consistently. He said, "I am extremely happy to be here. From the day they introduced me formally, I said this place felt like a family, and I chose it myself. Now that I have made this choice, I am very pleased. Thanks to the people here who welcomed me so warmly. We hope you will be with us throughout the year. It's very important for us."

Messi dedicated this victory to the injured teammate Satirtha Yan Froyk, who had to leave the field long ago due to injury. Messi wished him a speedy recovery, saying, "Lastly, I want to dedicate this victory to Yan. Due to the injury, he is feeling sad in the locker room. Today, unfortunately, he suffered a serious injury. He is still young, and I'm sure he will come back strongly. Hopefully, he will be with us soon."

The thrilling victory marked Messi's comeback after a long time and he wished for Satirtha's quick recovery from the injury.

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