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Margot Robbie Astonished by Overwhelming Fan Support for "Barbie" Movie

  Margot Robbie Astonished by Overwhelming Fan Support for "Barbie" Movie

Margot Robbie Astonished by Overwhelming Fan Support for "Barbie" Movie
Margot Robbie Astonished by Overwhelming Fan Support for "Barbie" Movie(Image-Getty)

Margot Robbie, the lead actress, and producer of the highly anticipated "Barbie" film, has expressed her surprise at the tremendous amount of fan love the movie has received even prior to its worldwide release in cinemas next week. Throughout her promotional tour for the film, Robbie has paid homage to Barbie's iconic wardrobe by showcasing outfits inspired by the beloved doll.

During the world premiere of the movie in Los Angeles, Robbie spoke to Reuters about her feelings, stating, "I knew how excited we were about sharing this movie, and I had hoped that others would feel the same excitement. But the level of enthusiasm and excitement that has come back to us has been beyond my expectations—I'm genuinely shocked."

The film portrays Barbie's idyllic life in Barbie World alongside her partner Ken, played by Ryan Gosling. However, the story takes a twist as Barbie begins to experience dark thoughts and physical changes, such as flat feet. She soon realizes that her real-world interactions are causing these transformations, leading Barbie and Ken on a journey into reality to rectify the situation and discover more about themselves in the process.

Actress Issa Rae, who portrays President Barbie in the film, emphasized the significance of Barbie's evolving portrayal. She commented, "Over the decades, Barbie has been ahead of her time, but she has also been unfairly stereotyped as ditsy and as a symbol of regressive feminism. Barbie has had so many preconceptions placed upon her, and I hope that this movie encourages people to use Barbie as a lens to examine themselves and their place in the world."

The trailer for "Barbie" suggests that the film caters to both admirers and critics of the iconic doll. Ryan Gosling compared the movie to an amusement park, stating, "This movie is like an amusement park. It offers different experiences for everyone, ensuring that each person can have their unique journey, and that's what makes it truly beautiful."

"Barbie" showcases dolls of diverse sizes, ethnicities, and professions. Director Greta Gerwig aimed to highlight the individuality of each Barbie character. She explained, "We wanted each one of them to shine like a superstar, just like when you open a perfect Barbie or Ken from a box and they have their own special superstar show. We took great care to light each character individually, ensuring that every shot places them in their own spotlight."

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