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PSG Goalkeeper Sergio Rico's Close Encounter with Death

 PSG Goalkeeper Sergio Rico's Close Encounter with Death

PSG Goalkeeper Sergio Rico's Close Encounter with Death
PSG Goalkeeper Sergio Rico's Close Encounter with Death(Image-Getty)

He had gone to participate in a horse race out of his passion. And that's what led to his encounter with death. The situation was such that he was only half a centimeter away from death. This is what has been stated in the medical report of the accident by PSG Golkeeper Sergio Rico.

29-year-old Rico was injured in a horse racing accident at the end of May. A collision occurred between Rico's horse and another horse coming from the opposite direction in Seville, Spain. As a result, Rico fell from the horse's back and suffered a head injury when he hit the ground. After being quickly taken to the hospital, Rico remained in a coma for 19 days. He is still in the hospital.

French media outlet L'Equipe reported that the television program "Ya es Mediodía" in Spain has mentioned the medical report of Rico's accident. The program also mentioned that Rico was very close to death. The report specifically mentioned that Rico was 'half a centimeter' away from death.

A journalist reporting on the medical report said that tomorrow Rico could be discharged from the hospital. Rico himself has also given an update on his health. Last Saturday, he posted on Instagram, writing, 'My recovery process is ongoing, improvements are happening every day. I consider myself fortunate.'

Rico started his senior career as a goalkeeper in 2014 and joined PSG in 2019. In between, he also played for Mayoorka and Fulham. Rico is currently with PSG as an alternative to Keylor Navas.

On May 28, after confirming the 11th league title for PSG, Rico suffered an accident the next day upon returning to Spain.

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