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Shaka Hislop's Momentary Lapse | A Scare During Real Madrid vs. AC Milan

 Shaka Hislop's Momentary Lapse | A Scare During Real Madrid vs. AC Milan

Shaka Hislop's Momentary Lapse
Shaka Hislop's Momentary Lapse(Image-Getty)

In a pre-season friendly match between Real Madrid and AC Milan in Los Angeles, Shaka Hislop had everyone frightened. The former goalkeeper from Trinidad and Tobago, who also played for West Ham United, Newcastle, and Portsmouth, was the expert commentator for today's game. During the halftime discussion, he seemed confused and lost in thought, but fortunately, it turns out that Hislop's knowledge has returned, and he is currently in good health.

According to Spanish media reports, Hislop was naturally anxious after experiencing the momentary lapse on the field. Stadium spectators and those who watched the game on television were all startled by Hislop's unusual memory loss. However, the good news is that he has regained his knowledge, and he is now in good health, although the doctors have not provided a reason for the incident.

From his family's side, it was revealed that Hislop himself called this incident a momentary "lapse." ESBN's co-commentator, Dan Thomas, shared that Hislop did not want to discuss the matter and instead sought immediate medical attention. Within a short period, his knowledge returned, and he is currently with his family. His treatment is ongoing, and he appears to be fully aware. He has also spoken with everyone, and he seems to be in good spirits.

Hislop, who is 54 years old, started his career in 1987. During the 1990s, he played for West Ham United, Newcastle United, and Portsmouth. Most of his career was spent at West Ham, playing 121 out of 381 professional matches for the club. He also had a brief stint in the US with FC Dallas and represented the England under-21 team while being born in Hackney, London. Later, he played for the Trinidad and Tobago national team.

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