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The submarine was trapped in the remains of the Titanic, and an 'invisible force' brought the journalist back from the brink of death

 The submarine was trapped in the remains of the Titanic, and an 'invisible force' brought the journalist back from the brink of death

The submarine was trapped in the remains of the Titanic, and an 'invisible force'
 The submarine was trapped in the remains of the Titanic, and an 'invisible force'(Image-Getty)

He sat on the edge like the Titanic was about to sink. Nearly 23 years ago, trapped in the search for the remains of the Titanic, he embarked on the anticipation of certain death, starting the countdown. But against all odds, he returned alive, the journalist from America. How was that possible?

Five passengers of the Titanic who couldn't escape the search for its remains were found. Five days after the deep Atlantic search, on June 22, they found the wreckage of the Titanic. Along with it, they found several remains.

Whether or not those remains belonged to the five passengers of the Titanic is subject to investigation. However, the fate could have been similar for journalist Michael Gillen. Recently, he recounted his experience.

Michael Gillen, a physicist by profession, took charge as the science editor of America's first-row news medium, ABC. He worked there for about 14 years. He also worked as a journalist on television. He is known as the author of the best-selling book.

Gillen was the first journalist who took two people with him to dive into the deep Atlantic to report on the remains of the Titanic. It was in the year 2000.

Years after Gillen's expedition, on June 18, the OceanGate organization took five passengers to explore the remains of the Titanic and dove deep into the depths of the Atlantic.

Among those on that sinking ship were the main official Stockton Rāś of OceanGate, Britain's wealthy Duncan Harding, Pakistani businessman and one of the richest individuals in the country, Shahzada Dawood, along with his son Suleman, and French sailor Paul-Henri Nagele.

However, shortly after the expedition began, communication with the assisting vessel, Polar Prince, was severed within two hours. On June 22, about 650 kilometers from the coast of Newfoundland, the remains of the Titanic were discovered. The wreckage of the Titanic was approximately 1,600 feet deep and nearly 4 kilometers below the ocean surface.

The investigation of this accident is being undertaken by two institutions, one from the United States and one from Canada. Efforts are underway to identify the recovered remains from the wreckage of the Titanic. It is believed that the strong pressure of the ocean water caused the titanium and carbon fiber-made submarine to break into pieces.

Gillen revealed that in the year 2000, their submarine "MIR 1" reached the wreckage of the Titanic, about 4 kilometers away from the coast of Newfoundland. During that time, his companion in the Russian-made submarine was Bryan, and the driver was Victor.

How did Gillen and others get trapped in the search for the remains of the Titanic? Gillen has shared his experience on his Twitter handle by posting footage. He has created a few moments using digital media to describe the events of that day.

In an interview with a British media outlet, Gillen revealed that during their approach to the remains of the Titanic in the depths of the Atlantic, they were suddenly hit by a strong current of water, which swept their submarine away.

Within moments, the submarine was heading towards the propellers of the Titanic. Each of those propellers weighed 21 tons. The submarine got stuck beneath one of those propellers. In the face of certain death, they thought, they had just a few minutes left. They attempted multiple maneuvers to disengage the submarine from the propeller but in vain.

Years after that incident, Gillen wrote a book describing its details. In his best-selling book titled "Believing is Seeing," Gillen wrote, "It felt like we were rushing towards the propellers at an incredible speed. The speed was increasing gradually."

Suddenly, a loud noise. Even from inside the submarine, Gillen and others could feel a jolt, as if something had hit the strong current of water. Gillen mentioned that a massive chunk started breaking off from the remains of the Titanic and falling onto their submarine.

In his own book, Gillen wrote, "Later, we realized that our submarine had gotten trapped within the strong current in the depths of the ocean. Within moments, it collided with the propeller of the Titanic. I saw from a gap, the portion of the Titanic's structure that was holding onto the mast of our submarine was breaking off."

In fear, one of Gillen's companions screamed, "Are we stuck?" Gillen mentioned that they were anticipating the final moments, being trapped on the verge of death.

At that moment, Gillen and others felt that they would not be able to escape from that wreckage. Gillen claims that, unexpectedly, an 'invisible force' had entered the submarine at that time. He wrote, "Everything became silent in an instant. Unexpectedly, the (submarine's) engine shut down. It felt like we were starting to sink again."

The submarine had risen from the depths of the Atlantic. How that was possible, Gillen cannot fully comprehend to this day. As a believer in Christianity, Gillen wrote, "In the moment of bidding farewell to life, I experienced the presence of God and found peace."

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