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Sweden's Elin Rubensson Fill Midfield Void in Women's World Cup Opener

 Sweden's Elin Rubensson  Fill Midfield Void in Women's World Cup Opener

Sweden's Elin Rubensson  Fill Midfield Void in Women's World Cup
Sweden's Elin Rubensson  Fill Midfield Void in Women's World Cup(Image-Getty)

In anticipation of their Women's World Cup campaign opener against South Africa in New Zealand, Sweden's Elin Rubensson expressed her readiness to step up and fill the void left by the injury to midfield talisman Caroline Seger. Despite a persistent calf problem, Seger was included in Peter Gerhardsson's 23-player squad, but her fitness remains uncertain, paving the way for the 30-year-old Rubensson to take charge in the defensive midfield position.

Speaking to Swedish state broadcaster SVT on Friday, Rubensson revealed her enthusiasm for the defensive midfielder role, which she has been honing extensively over the past year. She emphasized the joy she finds in this position and her determination to make the most of every training session to earn her spot in the starting lineup.

Nevertheless, Rubensson dismisses the notion of being a mere replacement for anyone, stressing that she aims to secure a starting position based on her own merits. Her focus remains fixed on excelling in her role, should she be selected to play instead of Seger.

Referring to her skill set, Rubensson mentioned relying on her impressive range of passing and prior experience, particularly as a defender. She possesses the defensive mindset required for the position, but her passing ability, speed, and defensive control make her a versatile and valuable asset to the team.

Throughout the tournament, Sweden faces a challenging schedule, meeting South Africa and Italy in Wellington, New Zealand, before heading to Hamilton for their final Group G match against Argentina.

As Rubensson eagerly prepares for her potential opportunity to contribute to the team's success, she remains committed to giving her best on the field and making a significant impact in her own right, regardless of who she may be replacing.

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