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U.S. Women's Soccer Team's Do-or-Die Showdown with Portugal for Redemption

 U.S. Women's Soccer Team's Do-or-Die Showdown with Portugal for Redemption

U.S. Women's Soccer Team's Do-or-Die
U.S. Women's Soccer Team's Do-or-Die(Image-Getty)

The United States must regain their momentum after a challenging 1-1 draw against the Netherlands, according to midfielder Andi Sullivan. In their final match of the Women's World Cup group stage against Portugal, the four-time champions face a crucial do-or-die situation, needing a win or draw to avoid the humiliation of missing the knockout stage for the first time.

Sullivan acknowledged Portugal as a strong team and emphasized the importance of being in sync and combining their strengths. The U.S. team narrowly avoided calamity in their previous match with a late goal against the Netherlands. However, they still haven't fully clicked as a team, and the coach's limited substitutions left some fans puzzled.

With their sights set on an unprecedented third consecutive title, the Americans hope to perform better and showcase their full potential. Even if they win against Portugal, the group's winner could be determined by goal differential if both the U.S. and the Netherlands win their respective matches.

Sullivan emphasized the need to play fast and score plenty of goals, not only to secure victory but also to elevate their own performances beyond the solid showings in the first two matches.

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