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Vinicius Junior | From Football Stardom to Relationship Rumors with Kenia Os

 Vinicius Junior: From Football Stardom to Relationship Rumors with Kenia Os

Vinicius Junior: From Football Stardom to Relationship
Vinicius Junior: From Football Stardom to Relationship(Hefty)

Great performance or controversy—Vinicius Junior has been a topic of discussion for the past few months. He has had an outstanding performance for Real Madrid for the past two seasons. He has also faced criticism for his dribbling skills. However, now the focus has shifted to another buzz surrounding Vinicius. He is rumored to be in a relationship with Kenia Os, a 23-year-old Mexican singer.

Kenia Os Relationship Rumors with Vinicius Junior
Kenia Os Relationship Rumors with Vinicius Junior(Image-Getty)

The Spanish news outlet 'Marca' has confirmed the news of Vinicius' love affair with the Brazilian star Kenia. Kenia commented on Vinicius' Instagram post, saying, "You are the best. I love you." However, Brazilian media outlets have not yet confirmed the news of Vinicius' love affair. The matter is still within the realm of speculation.

Vinicius' relationship with Kenia is not new. They met in Cancun in 2021 and have since created videos together on Instagram and TikTok. They have also been seen traveling to various places together. Kenia has watched Kenia's matches at Real Madrid in the gallery. Before this, Kenia referred to both of them as "friends" and called Vinicius a "good person" in an interview with the media. However, the media has also hinted at a romantic connection between them. Vinicius and Kenia have been seen holding hands and being affectionate in various places, without any inconvenience from anyone.

Real Madrid is currently on a pre-season tour in the United States. After finishing his vacation, Vinicius will join Real Madrid today. A few days ago, Vinicius visited Brazil for the first time in a long time. They enjoyed their vacation, exploring Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro. Local media captured a photo of them holding hands while walking on the streets of Brazil. Kenia posted the photo taken at Christ the Redeemer on Instagram, writing, "Brazil, I love you. I love Rio too." Vinicius responded to this post by posting a white heart emoji.

Brazilian media outlet 'Globo' reported that July 15 was Kenia's 24th birthday. Vinicius threw a party for her, and Kenia was present there. Vinicius showed Kenia the view of Christ the Redeemer from a helicopter. Then he took her inside the statue. Kenia wrote in a post on Instagram, "A beautiful experience on a beautiful birthday. Even though I've been dancing for five days straight, I'm enjoying my time with the people I love."

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