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Atletico Mineiro Recognized as Brazil's First Club Champion After 86 Years

 Atletico Mineiro Recognized as Brazil's First Club Champion After 86 Years

Atletico Mineiro Recognized as Brazil's First Club Champion After 86 Years
Atletico Mineiro Recognized as Brazil's First Club Champion After 86 Years(Image-Getty)

After a span of 86 years, Atletico Mineiro has achieved a monumental milestone, being officially acknowledged as Brazil's inaugural club champion. This recognition comes as the culmination of the country's football confederation (CBF) declaring that their victory in the 1937 "Tournament of Champions" holds the same weight as securing a Brazilian Serie A Championship.

The newfound recognition has afforded Atletico Mineiro the privilege of appending a third championship title to their storied history, standing alongside their triumphs in 1971 and 2021. The pivotal decision to bestow this accolade upon the club was steered by the leadership of Ednaldo Rodrigues, who heads the CBF.

In a recently issued official CBF document, the historical significance of the 1937 "Tournament of Champions" is underscored. It highlights the tournament's relevance within the context of its time, especially amid the fervent discussions and divisions that permeated Brazilian football. This contentious period was marked by debates surrounding the introduction of professionalism among football clubs.

The innovative interstate competition convened an assembly of five state champions from the year 1936, hailing from diverse regions across Brazil. This event also featured the participation of a delegation from the sports club of the navy. Remarkably, this tournament can be regarded as the earliest instance of national importance wherein clubs embraced the professional model. Notable names such as Fluminense and Atletico itself were among those that transitioned to this pioneering approach.

In the aftermath of securing the "Brasileirao" championship in 2021, Atletico Mineiro embarked on a journey to gain recognition for a title they had clinched nearly a century prior. Sergio Goelho, the president of the club, spearheaded an ardent effort that involved a series of meetings with the confederation. This endeavor culminated in the submission of an elaborate 60-page dossier, bolstered by impactful infographics, newspaper supplements, and correspondences. Collectively, this compilation served to vividly illustrate the profound significance of the historic tournament.

The long-awaited confirmation of Atletico Mineiro's historical title coincided with a momentous celebration for the club. This joyous occasion was further enhanced by the unveiling of their new home, the MRV Stadium. The inaugural match at this iconic venue witnessed Atletico Mineiro triumphing over Santos with a score of 2-0, underscoring the remarkable journey and growth of the club over the course of its rich history.

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