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Benjamin Cremaschi Living the Dream with Lionel Messi at Inter Miami CF

 Benjamin Cremaschi Living the Dream with Lionel Messi at Inter Miami CF

Benjamin Cremaschi Living the Dream with Lionel Messi
Benjamin Cremaschi Living the Dream with Lionel Messi(Image-Getty)

Benjamin Cremaschi, a talented young footballer with both Argentine and American roots, has been living an incredible dream since Lionel Messi joined Inter Miami CF in July. As an 18-year-old midfielder who grew up idolizing Messi, he is determined to ensure that this magical time playing alongside the World Cup-winning superstar continues.

In a thrilling match against FC Dallas, Cremaschi showcased his nerves of steel by delivering the decisive penalty kick, securing a 5-3 victory for the Herons from the spot. This was after Messi's impressive brace had led to a thrilling 4-4 comeback draw. Despite the pressure of the Leagues Cup Round-of-16, Cremaschi remained composed and confident, confidently beating the FC Dallas goalkeeper.

Not only did Cremaschi shine during the penalty shootout, but he also made a significant impact during regular play. Substituting on for Diego Gómez, he wasted no time and scored a goal in the 65th minute, capitalizing on Jordi Alba's cross. His energetic performance and ability to change the game caught the attention of head coach Tata Martino, who selected him as a penalty shooter.

Cremaschi's impressive performances have helped Inter Miami CF advance to the Leagues Cup quarterfinals, where they will face either Houston Dynamo FC or Charlotte FC at home. The team is just three matches away from lifting silverware, a testament to the influence of players like Messi, Sergio Busquets, and Alba, who joined the club during a squad makeover.

Despite his growing prominence and success, Cremaschi remains humble and credits his teammates, especially Messi, for their positive impact on the team's mentality and performance. He expresses admiration for Messi's incredible abilities and acknowledges the transformative effect the superstar has had on the club.

Cremaschi's journey has been remarkable, considering that he signed a first-team deal only in November 2022 and has since become an essential player, contributing significantly to the team's success in league play with 1 goal and 3 assists in 18 matches.

Widely regarded as one of MLS's most promising young prospects, Cremaschi treasures every moment of playing alongside Messi. He embraces the opportunity to learn from the football legend, both during training, at the facility, and in competitive games.

In awe of Messi's consistent brilliance, Cremaschi acknowledges that nobody expected the superstar to achieve such extraordinary feats, scoring twice in almost every game. The young midfielder and his team are excited to continue their journey alongside Messi, striving to achieve their best and go as far as they possibly can with his guidance and inspiration.

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