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Biden's Economic Leadership Concerns Before 2024 Election | Reuters/Ipsos Poll

 Biden's Economic Leadership Concerns Before 2024 Election | Reuters/Ipsos Poll

Biden's Economic Leadership Concerns Before 2024 Election
Biden's Economic Leadership Concerns Before 2024 Election(Image-Getty)

A recent Reuters/Ipsos poll has revealed that a significant number of Americans who cast their votes for President Joe Biden in the 2020 election are expressing concerns about the state of the economy under his leadership. The poll suggests that some of these voters may be hesitant to support him again in the upcoming 2024 election.

President Biden, a Democrat, secured victory over the former Republican President Donald Trump in the 2020 election. Presently, there is speculation of a potential rematch between the two contenders in the next election cycle. Notably, Donald Trump, who currently leads the Republican nomination race, is also facing legal challenges, with a third criminal indictment scheduled for him.

Participants in the poll were asked to consider their choice if the presidential election were taking place at the present moment. Surprisingly, 19% of those who had voted for Biden in 2020 either expressed uncertainty about their preference or indicated a willingness to select a candidate other than Biden or Trump. Remarkably, 6% of Biden's 2020 supporters indicated that they would now choose Trump.

Of those who had supported Biden in the previous election, 42% believed that the economy had worsened under his administration compared to 2020. In contrast, 33% believed it had improved, and 24% believed it had remained relatively unchanged.

These poll results highlight a concerning trend that the White House is striving to reverse. In an effort to raise awareness about Biden's economic initiatives, White House officials have embarked on a series of visits across various towns throughout the country. Additionally, President Biden himself has plans to visit states like Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah to emphasize the positive impact of his Inflation Reduction Act on manufacturing and addressing climate change.

Surprisingly, around half of the poll respondents who had voted for Biden in 2020 indicated that they had minimal knowledge of his significant policy efforts to combat inflation and invest in infrastructure.

An impressive 78% of Biden's 2020 voters expressed approval of his performance as president, a stark contrast to the 40% approval rating he received from all respondents.

However, there exists a noticeable divide among Biden's 2020 supporters. Those who disapproved of his performance were approximately twice as likely to view inflation as America's most pressing issue, as opposed to those who believed the president was doing a commendable job. The latter group placed more emphasis on the dangers posed by political extremism.

Chris Jackson, a public opinion researcher at Ipsos, a polling firm working in collaboration with Reuters and other media organizations, noted the discrepancy, particularly in focus on inflation and cost of living. Jackson pointed out that Biden still has an opportunity to regain support from those who have grown wary, asserting that they need to perceive improvement and action from the president.

The poll results suggest a lack of enthusiasm for President Biden and underline the potential risks of reduced Democratic turnout in the next election. Furthermore, there is a concern that independent voters who supported the Democrats in 2020 might lean towards voting Republican in 2024.

During Biden's presidency, American households have grappled with the most significant inflationary pressures seen in decades, although the rate of price hikes has recently shown a notable decrease. The economy has experienced modest growth, and unemployment rates have reached historic lows.

In response to the poll, President Biden's campaign declined to comment. While some administration officials pointed to growing consumer optimism and positive sentiment regarding personal finances, others conceded that more effective communication of Biden's policy achievements is necessary.

The poll also asked respondents to assess the level of investment President Biden and his administration have made in the U.S. economy. Among Biden's 2020 supporters, 35% believed the investment was inadequate, while 53% deemed it to be an appropriate amount. A mere 3% felt there was excessive investment, with the remainder unsure of their assessment.

Conducted nationwide through online surveys, the poll garnered responses from 2,009 U.S. adults, with a credibility interval of approximately three percentage points.

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