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Lina Hurtig Considers Tattoo Celebration Following Decisive Penalty

 Lina Hurtig Considers Tattoo Celebration Following Decisive Penalty

Lina Hurtig Considers Tattoo Celebration Following Decisive Penalty
Lina Hurtig Considers Tattoo Celebration Following Decisive Penalty(Image-Getty)

Sweden's Lina Hurtig is considering commemorating her decisive shootout-winning penalty against the United States with a tattoo. She revealed this potential plan during a press interaction in Auckland on Tuesday, while her team was gearing up for the quarter-final clash against Japan in the World Cup.

The talented 27-year-old winger, who represents Arsenal, showcased her prowess when she was brought onto the field as a substitute during the last-16 encounter. In a nail-biting shootout, Hurtig emerged as the hero by confidently striking the seventh penalty, sealing Sweden's victory with a 5-4 scoreline, after they had fought back from the brink of elimination.

The moment was marked by American goalkeeper Alyssa Naeher's valiant effort to save Hurtig's penalty kick. Despite Naeher's full-fledged attempt, the ball managed to cross the goal line by the narrowest of margins, as confirmed by a FIFA VAR image that rapidly gained widespread attention.

Reflecting on the situation, Hurtig shared her perspective with the reporters, expressing her astonishment at how everything unfolded. She noted the impact of the post-match image that captured the crucial moment, acknowledging the incredible circumstances under which Sweden secured their advancement in the tournament.

While Hurtig acknowledged the VAR image's popularity, she admitted that she was less eager to revisit the penalty itself due to the intense emotions it brings forth. Speaking to Swedish radio in an interview, she revealed how the sight of the penalty can evoke a sense of discomfort and a rush of emotions, leading her to avoid viewing it frequently.

In response to the news of Hurtig's penalty and its viral image, reactions back home ranged from congratulatory messages to playful suggestions that she commemorate the moment with a tattoo featuring the iconic snapshot. Hurtig, however, tempered the excitement by stating that the ultimate goal is to surpass Japan in the upcoming quarter-final clash. She emphasized that securing victory against Japan is imperative to validate any symbolic gestures like getting a tattoo.

With Sweden's long history of World Cup participation spanning across nine tournaments, they've yet to clinch the coveted championship title. As they gear up to face off against Japan, the 2011 World Cup champions, in the quarter-final showdown at Auckland's Eden Park, Hurtig remains focused on the team's performance and the journey towards potentially earning the elusive gold.

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