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Manchester City Stays Focused After Super Cup Triumph

 Manchester City Stays Focused After Super Cup Triumph

Manchester City Stays Focused After Super Cup Triumph
Manchester City Stays Focused After Super Cup Triumph(Image-Getty)

Manchester City, led by Pep Guardiola, are determined not to become complacent following their victory in the UEFA Super Cup. As they prepare to resume Premier League action against Newcastle United this weekend, Manager Eddie Howe emphasized that Guardiola's team will remain focused on the task at hand.

Having clinched the Super Cup title with a penalty shootout win against Sevilla, Manchester City continues to build upon their triumphant treble from the previous season. Howe underlined the team's commitment to maintain their high level of performance, especially against Newcastle, a side aiming to solidify their position among the top four contenders.

Newcastle, after a remarkable achievement of securing a top-four finish for the first time in twenty years during the previous season, enters the upcoming clash at the Etihad Stadium as league leaders. Their impressive 5-1 victory on the opening weekend has positioned them favorably.

Observing Manchester City's dedication, Howe noted, "They entered a challenging match and displayed their determination to secure victory, evident from their post-game reactions. This is a team that refuses to become complacent. They are fully prepared to face us, which leads us to anticipate an intense and competitive match."

Howe continued, "Our objective is to ensure our players approach this encounter with the positive momentum generated from our successful previous season and our opening game of this season. We aspire to consistently establish ourselves as a prominent force in the Premier League. Achieving this goal necessitates a well-defined identity and effective execution of our strategies against other teams."

Despite Guardiola expressing concerns about the timing of the league fixture, which arrives merely 72 hours after their Super Cup triumph in Athens, Howe brushed off the potential impact on the outcome. Drawing from his own experiences, he explained, "I've encountered similar situations previously, and in my view, there is no distinct advantage. I have been on both sides of this scenario."

He elaborated, "We have encountered stretches of congested fixtures before, where we've pondered whether it might be a vulnerability for us. However, we've managed to secure victories from such situations, just as we've faced defeats. Ultimately, the result will be determined by our performance on the day and theirs. While I understand Guardiola's perspective, I don't foresee it significantly influencing the outcome."

Discussing potential transfer activity, Howe confirmed ongoing negotiations for a loan deal to secure the services of Chelsea defender Lewis Hall. "We are awaiting developments today. Hall is a player whom I admire for his versatility and considerable potential," Howe shared.

He concluded, "If we manage to secure a new player, it would likely conclude our transfer dealings, unless unforeseen injuries alter our plans."

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