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Maracanã Stadium to Temporarily Close for Pitch Recovery Amid Heavy Rainfall

 Maracanã Stadium to Temporarily Close for Pitch Recovery Amid Heavy Rainfall

Maracanã Stadium to Temporarily Close for Pitch Recovery
Maracanã Stadium to Temporarily Close for Pitch Recovery(Image-Getty)

The renowned Maracanã stadium in Brazil is set to undergo a temporary closure following its next two scheduled matches, allowing for the necessary recovery of its pitch due to recent heavy rainfall, as confirmed by the stadium's administration on Tuesday.

Located in Rio de Janeiro, this iconic venue holds the distinction of being the most frequently utilized stadium in the country, having hosted a total of 55 matches during the ongoing season. Notably, this past weekend alone saw the staging of two matches with a mere 15-hour gap between them.

Acknowledging the severity of the pitch's condition and recognizing that the extent of the damage requires a comprehensive pause for rehabilitation, the stadium's administration shared in a statement, "In view of this, considering that the damage caused cannot be recovered without a stoppage, after (Saturday) we will (stop) stadium activities to enable the full recovery of the pitch."

Prior to the impending closure, two significant matches are on the horizon. Fluminense is set to square off against Olimpia on Thursday as part of the Libertadores quarter-finals, while Flamengo is scheduled to face Internacional on Saturday as part of the Brasileirao. Following the conclusion of the Flamengo-Internacional fixture, the Maracanã stadium will be temporarily shuttered, allowing for the requisite assessments and evaluations to be conducted.

This decision underscores the stadium's commitment to preserving the quality of the playing surface and ensuring optimal conditions for future matches. The forthcoming hiatus will provide the necessary window for crucial rehabilitation work to be undertaken, ultimately upholding the stadium's status as a symbol of Brazilian football excellence.

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