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NASA Rediscovered Abandoned Voyager 2 Probe After Decades

 NASA Rediscovered Abandoned Voyager 2 Probe After Decades

NASA Rediscovered Abandoned Voyager 2
NASA Rediscovered Abandoned Voyager 2(Image-Getty)

NASA has found a 46-year-old abandoned space probe named Voyager 2. It had gone missing in space after a mistake by the space agency, but it was rediscovered in the cosmos. While India's Chandrayaan-3 successfully created communication in space exploration, NASA was also pleased to locate its lost spacecraft. Voyager 2, which embarked on a journey into interstellar space in 1977, had its trajectory controlled from NASA's office. Due to a small error, communication with Voyager 2 was lost a few days earlier. Efforts to locate the spacecraft were unsuccessful until recently.

Voyager 2's location has been found far away from Earth, venturing into the depths of space. It has been exploring beyond our solar system for 46 years. NASA scientists revealed that the spacecraft is approximately 1,990,000,000 kilometers away from Earth.

The project manager of Voyager 2 explained that NASA had sent signals through a powerful instrument to locate the spacecraft in the depths of space. After weeks of trying, Voyager 2 was finally located. The spacecraft's antenna had turned off by mistake, causing it to lose contact. NASA researchers now anticipate regaining communication with Voyager 2 before October, when the spacecraft's own antenna is expected to align properly.

NASA researchers are excited about the recovery of Voyager 2 even before the expected timeframe. Voyager 2's mission has faced challenges, but its recent rediscovery has provided valuable insights. The spacecraft is currently in a region of space known as the heliosphere, outside the solar system.

Voyager 2's observations in a unique part of interstellar space and its interactions with the surrounding environment have been sending valuable data. Another NASA spacecraft, Voyager 1, had also reached a similar distance in 2012, exploring the heliosphere. The rediscovery of Voyager 2 has reinvigorated NASA's research efforts and has generated renewed excitement in space exploration.

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