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Nike Makes Women's Goalkeeper Kits Accessible for Fans

 Nike Makes Women's Goalkeeper Kits Accessible for Fans

Nike Makes Women's Goalkeeper Kits Accessible for Fans
Nike Makes Women's Goalkeeper Kits Accessible for Fans(Image-Getty)

Nike has responded to a call for inclusivity and availability by announcing their intention to make goalkeeper kits for women's teams accessible for fans to purchase. This development follows a compelling petition endorsed by England's goalkeeper, Mary Earps. The issue arose during the women's World Cup, where fans were able to buy replicas of their respective national teams' kits, except for the goalkeeper's jersey. This absence of availability generated significant criticism, notably from Mary Earps, who earned the Golden Glove award, and her petition amassed an impressive 150,000 signatures in support.

Interestingly, while the men's goalkeeper jersey for the England team was available for purchase, the same could not be said for their female counterparts. Acknowledging the growing demand for a retail version of the women's goalkeeper jersey, Nike issued a statement subsequent to the World Cup finals. The statement expressed the company's understanding of the fans' desire and articulated their commitment to devising solutions for forthcoming tournaments.

In response to this commitment, Nike has taken concrete steps to rectify the situation. The company has secured a limited quantity of goalkeeper jerseys for notable women's teams such as England, the United States, France, and the Netherlands. These jerseys will soon be made available for purchase through the respective Federation websites in the coming days. In doing so, Nike aims to rectify the oversight during the tournament and cater to the fervent fans who wished to express their passion and support for the goalkeepers.

Nike also acknowledged the potential impact on its earnings due to the premature exit of the U.S. women's team from the World Cup, their earliest such exit. However, England's impressive journey to the final provided an additional source of income for the sportswear giant. Ultimately, Spain emerged victorious in the final, securing a 1-0 victory over England. Nonetheless, the collective efforts and petition spearheaded by Mary Earps have ignited a significant stride towards inclusivity and accessibility in women's football apparel, signaling a positive shift in the landscape of the sportswear industry.

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