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Sadio Mane's Surprising Exit Unfair Treatment and Controversy at Bayern Munich

 Sadio Mane's Surprising Exit Unfair Treatment and Controversy at Bayern Munich

Sadio Mane's Surprising Exit Unfair Treatment
Sadio Mane's Surprising Exit Unfair Treatment (Image-Getty)

Sadou Mane had joined Bayern Munich on a three-year contract, but after just one year, he had to leave the club. The 31-year-old Senegalese star has now switched to Saudi Arabian club Al Nassr, with Cristiano Ronaldo's consecration as a saint also happening this year.

However, Mane had not anticipated leaving Bayern so soon. When leaving the club, he stated, "I did not want to say goodbye like this." News of Mane's dissatisfaction towards Bayern has now been brought forward by his agent Bakary Seye. Seye claims that unfair treatment towards Mane as an African was the reason for his departure from Bayern.

Bayern Munich had acquired Mane from Liverpool for more than 40 million euros. After a year, he has been sold for almost the same amount. European media reports suggest that within the three-year contract, Mane will receive an annual salary of around four million euros, similar to what he was receiving at Bayern.

Bakary Seye's claim is that Mane did not go to Saudi Arabia for financial reasons. Instead, it was Bayern Munich who wanted to get rid of him. Seye mentioned on the TV show "After Foot RMC," "(Bayern) did not sell him because of football reasons. They didn't want to accept the salary he was offered because they couldn't understand how an African came to this club and was getting paid more than others. That's why they wanted to get rid of him."

Bayern's intention to sell Mane was based on his form, as made evident by coach Julian Nagelsmann's multiple comments about needing to challenge Mane more. However, Mane's form wasn't great either; in his first year at Bayern, he scored only 12 goals in 38 matches. Injuries also kept him out for three months. Moreover, he faced troubles with Sami Khedira at Sion in April, leading to suspension and financial penalties.

However, Seye argues that Mane's form was not the primary reason behind his sale. He claims that Bayern's behavior towards an African player was unprofessional. Seye stated, "Bayern never presented him as the leader of the project. (Bayern) never said to him, 'You'll have to be the third favorite in attack.' They didn't understand how an African could come to this club and be paid more than others. That's why they wanted to get rid of him."

According to Seye, Mane had no professional issues with fellow African Leroy Sane at Bayern. Mane's departure was not a result of his form; it was due to Bayern's lack of gratitude. Mane's current situation is not due to Bayern; it's due to Liverpool. Bayern was not appreciative. Paying an African player so much money bothers them."

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