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Saints' Backfield Hit by Benjamin's Injury and Kamara's Suspension

 Saints' Backfield Hit by Benjamin's Injury and Kamara's Suspension

Saints' Backfield Hit by Benjamin's Injury
Saints' Backfield Hit by Benjamin's Injury(Image-Getty)

During a challenging week for the Saints' backfield, matters took a turn for the worse on Saturday when a significant setback occurred. Eno Benjamin, a running back for the team, sustained a rupture in his Achilles tendon during a training camp session. This unfortunate injury, as announced by coach Dennis Allen, is expected to sideline Benjamin for the entirety of the upcoming 2023 season.

The disheartening news emerged within a span of less than 24 hours after Alvin Kamara, the prominent lead running back for the Saints, was handed a three-game suspension by the NFL. This punitive action was a consequence of Kamara's involvement in an incident that transpired in Las Vegas back in February 2022. With this suspension in effect, the team was relying on a combination of talents to step up in Kamara's absence, including newly acquired free-agent signing Jamaal Williams, Eno Benjamin, and third-round draft pick Kendre Miller. Unfortunately, Benjamin's injury now reduces the pool of viable candidates capable of assuming running back responsibilities.

Eno Benjamin, renowned for his collegiate football achievements at Arizona State, has accrued a relatively modest 431 yards and scored three touchdowns throughout his professional career. These statistics have been amassed over a limited total of 111 carries. Benjamin was on the cusp of entering his second season as a member of the Saints, poised to make his inaugural start in New Orleans after his tenure with three different teams in the preceding year. However, the injury setback has disrupted these plans, compelling Benjamin to spend the entirety of 2023 in a state of recovery and rehabilitation, unable to actively contribute on the field.

For the city of New Orleans, the situation prompts a thorough exploration of available avenues as the 2023 regular season approaches, with only a month remaining. The team's management and coaching staff are now compelled to consider a multitude of options to fill the void left by Benjamin's absence and Kamara's suspension, seeking to construct a competitive and resilient backfield lineup.

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