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The Phenomenon of the 'Messi Effect'| Impact Beyond Football and Commerce

 The Phenomenon of the 'Messi Effect'| Impact Beyond Football and Commerce

The Phenomenon of the 'Messi Effect'
The Phenomenon of the 'Messi Effect'(Image-Getty)

The 'Messi Effect'—these two words have been heard since Lionel Messi stepped foot into football in the United States. And this effect isn't limited to the football field; it has been discussed in various contexts, such as ticket prices and global football discussions. Whenever Messi's influence is felt, it naturally extends even to Google searches for Inter Miami.

Online betting organization JeffBet conducted a study that revealed Inter Miami was searched about 8.2 million times in July. Before Messi's arrival, the search volume for Inter Miami was much lower. With Messi's presence, the club's jersey sales have set a record pace. The Messi jersey is being sold for $160, and the demand is expected to continue until mid-October.

The 'Messi Effect' is also evident in the increase in sales of Inter Miami's jerseys. It's clear that Messi's impact has extended beyond the football field to the commercial realm.

Messi is set to make his debut for Inter Miami against FC Dallas this coming Saturday. Tickets for this match were sold out within 10 minutes, further highlighting the 'Messi Effect'. The lasting duration of this effect remains to be seen.

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