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What does Messi's wearing of Maradona's jersey from the 1994 World Cup signify

 What does Messi's wearing of Maradona's jersey from the 1994 World Cup signify

What does Messi's wearing of Maradona's jersey from the 1994 World Cup
What does Messi's wearing of Maradona's jersey from the 1994 World Cup(Image-Getty)

Many are now imagining a scene from the 2026 World Cup in the USA, where Lionel Messi scores a goal wearing Argentina's jersey. The imaginary moment seems to have captured people's attention, leaving them wondering if it could ever become a reality.

Messi himself has expressed that the possibility of him playing in the 2026 World Cup is more than just a dream. He posted a picture of an Argentina jersey on his Instagram account yesterday, fueling further speculation.

Let's delve into the story behind the jersey. Messi posted two pictures of himself in Argentina's jersey on his Instagram story. The jersey's design is the same as the one Argentina wore in the 1994 World Cup in the USA. Notably, that World Cup saw the iconic number 10 jersey worn by the late Diego Maradona. After Argentina's victory in the tournament, Maradona's jersey had become synonymous with the nation's football history. Messi's post featuring the number 10 jersey from the 1994 World Cup suggests a connection with Maradona's legacy.

In the 1994 World Cup, wearing that blue and white jersey, Maradona scored his final goal against Greece. After that match, he faced suspension due to drug-related issues and was subsequently banned. The match against Nigeria marked Maradona's last appearance for Argentina, and the 1994 World Cup in the USA turned out to be the final one in his illustrious career.

Messi's fans are undoubtedly excited, as they eagerly discuss the possibility of the two football legends merging. Since wearing the Argentina jersey, comparisons between Messi and Maradona have resurfaced. In December last year, Messi led Argentina to victory in the World Cup held in Qatar, adding more relevance to the comparison. Now, the only thing remaining is his retirement and the tournament. Where will that be? It remains uncertain.

Messi has already started his new journey in club football with Paris Saint-Germain in the USA. It is rumored that he might end his career there. However, as the USA is the host of the 2026 World Cup, some hope for a fairytale ending with Messi playing in the tournament. At least for now, imaginative supporters can hold on to that dream.

But the reality is that Messi will be 39 years old at the 2026 World Cup. He has already given an answer to this question last June. During the friendly match against Australia, he said, "I don't think so (about the 2026 World Cup). It was my last World Cup in Qatar. What will happen, we'll see, but the common thought was not to play the next World Cup."

In social media, there was speculation that Messi might become an ambassador for the United States if he doesn't play the 2026 World Cup. Whatever happens, since Maradona played his last World Cup for Argentina in the United States and Messi is there now, no one can blame anyone for having different expectations surrounding the upcoming World Cup three years later.

Although Argentine media outlet 'Mundo Albiceleste' has reported that before the start of the Copa America in the United States next year, Argentina will release some of their kits from the 1994 World Cup sponsored by Adidas. Who knows, maybe Messi will be featured in those advertisements!

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