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Messi's Impact on Sales and Ticket Prices

 Messi's Impact on Sales and Ticket Prices

Messi's Impact on Sales and Ticket Prices
Messi's Impact on Sales and Ticket Prices(Image-Getty)

After Lionel Messi's name was written in the Inter Miami roster, it seems like a football revolution has begun in the United States. Football is becoming more popular there than ever before, largely influenced by Messi's presence in Inter Miami. 

Sales of Argentina's captain's jerseys and t-shirts have surged, and ticket prices for major league competitions have increased. Since Messi started playing for Miami, the prices for tickets to the team's matches have skyrocketed, reaching exorbitant levels.

This is partly because Messi consistently showcases his magic on the field in almost every match. So far, he has played 10 matches for Inter Miami, scoring 11 goals and providing 3 assists. Among these achievements, he has brought the first-ever championship to Inter Miami and led them to the final of the US Open Cup.

However, the ticket prices for Messi's matches have reached new heights. For Messi's upcoming match with MLS Los Angeles FC, scheduled for Monday morning Bangladesh time, the ticket prices have surged to 527 percent. According to CNN, the ticket price for this match on the online ticket-selling platform Ticketpick was averaging $690 in the United States.

As the match draws nearer, ticket prices continue to rise. The minimum price for tickets to the match at the LAFC's Banc of California Stadium is now at $785 in American dollars.

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