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Neymar's feet have been "tied" by Peru's pressure

 Neymar's feet have been "tied" by Peru's pressure

Neymar's feet have been "tied" by Peru's pressure
Neymar's feet have been "tied" by Peru's pressure(Image-Getty) 

In the quarter-finals of the Qatar World Cup, Neymar, playing for Brazil, scored a fantastic goal against Croatia, making it his 77th goal for Brazil, becoming the highest goal scorer. It was Neymar's goal that led Brazil on the path to the semi-finals.

However, in extra time, Brazil lost in a penalty shootout after Neymar had scored a goal. That day, after bidding farewell to the World Cup, Neymar's tearful image still lingers in the hearts of football fans. There are questions about whether Neymar will ever play for Brazil again, filled with disappointment and uncertainty.

Nevertheless, with determination, Neymar has returned to the Brazil squad. His comeback happened through the World Cup qualifiers. Last Saturday, in the first match of the qualifiers played at home, Brazil defeated Bolivia 5-1, with Neymar leading the way by scoring two goals. Now, he faces Peru.

According to statistics, in the last 8 matches against Peru, Brazil has won 7 of them. The only match they lost was a friendly. Peru's record against Brazilians is not favorable, especially with Neymar's exceptional skills. Based on strength and capability, Brazil remains the clear favorite for tomorrow's match.

In this context, the situation is such that both the Brazil team and Neymar have surpassed Peru's jinx. Local residents in the jungle, mountain, and hinterland areas of Peru call themselves "Tayta Inti." Members of this Tayta Inti have set up an altar outside the National Stadium with a miniature figure of Neymar's foot. Additionally, a banner, an amulet, a flag, and photos of Neymar, Casemiro, and Richarlison have been placed, all adorned with various symbols.

Regarding this, Ojha Felix Rondón told journalists, "We have tied Neymar's foot and built this to protect him (from the opposing team, Peru) so that he cannot play well or run. That's why we did it." Ojha Wallatar Alarcon added, "By means of this ritual, we want to cloud Neymar's mind, so he can't do what he wants, which is to score goals."

Even before the Qatar World Cup final, such rituals and beliefs were heard. Argentina's supporters claimed that players like Kylian Mbappé and all of France's players were under the influence of black magic.

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