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The Beast: The World's Most Powerful and Secure US Presidential Vehicle

The Beast: The World's Most Powerful and Secure US Presidential Vehicle

The Beast: The World's Most Powerful and Secure US Presidential Vehicle
The Beast: The World's Most Powerful and Secure US Presidential Vehicle(Image-Getty)

The Beast The world's most powerful and secure car. Whoever occupies the seat of the American President, they are entrusted with the security of this bulletproof vehicle. Currently, under the responsibility of America's President Joe Biden, it is known as "The Beast."

President Joe Biden is set to join the G20 Summit in Delhi. It has been announced by the White House that Biden will travel to Delhi from Washington, D.C. on Thursday and is expected to arrive in Delhi on Friday. Along with Biden, the official government car of the American President, known as "The Beast," is also flying in from the United States. 

During his visit to India, President Biden will travel in this luxurious Cadillac car. According to sources, the car will be transported on a Boeing aircraft from the United States. Typically, when the American President is outside the country, "The Beast" is used to provide protection.

Before Biden, this car also ensured the safety of former American President Donald Trump during his visit to Gujarat in 2020. Back then, "The Beast" was also seen in India.

The current model of "The Beast" that Biden is using is from 2018. This model was brought in during Trump's era, replacing the previous model. 

This official government car of the American President is equipped with all the modern amenities that, once known, will leave you amazed. 

The windows of this luxurious Cadillac car have five layers. They are made of a combination of glass and polycarbonate. Only the driver's window can be rolled down, and the glass on all windows can withstand bullets up to three inches thick.

It is said that the resistance capacity of the car's windows is such that it cannot even be penetrated by a bulletproof jacket.

The main body of the car is constructed using steel, titanium, aluminum, and ceramics. This structure is as thick as five inches and extremely strong. The entire frame of the car is bomb and mine resistant, making "The Beast" almost impervious.

"The Beast" has a fold-down ramp for the President's easy entry. Inside the car, there is a pump-action shotgun, tear gas, and even a blood bag for emergency situations, always kept within reach of the President's group. Additionally, there is an anti-blast device inside the car.

In terms of security, "The Beast" is second to none, even among armored vehicles. The car features a gas grenade launcher and night vision cameras at the front. 

Unlike any ordinary car, "The Beast" is always at the forefront of keeping President Biden secure. There is a satellite phone at the back of the car, allowing the American President to communicate directly with the Pentagon whenever necessary.

Behind "The Beast," four additional individuals can sit apart from the President. Between the driver and the rear seats, there is a partition made of glass. There is a switch within the President's reach to control this glass partition.

If the President wishes, they can raise this glass partition. Furthermore, in front of the President's seat, there is an emergency button and an oxygen supply for unforeseen situations.

"The Beast" is fully equipped to resist tank explosions with foam. Even if there is an attack directly on the tank, there will be no explosion, thanks to the technology used.

Every detail of the President's car is meticulously designed. The car's tires, in particular, are specially made. The steel rims of these tires will never burst. Even if a tire is damaged, it will not hinder the car's movement.

"The Beast" is equipped with modern sensors. This sensor has the capability to detect any nuclear, chemical, or biological attack before it happens.

An extendable antenna is also installed with "The Beast." This antenna can easily disrupt communication devices and remote controls on the road. It can even detect human-sized drones.

The driver of "The Beast" is a specially trained individual from the American intelligence agency. Only a person with specialized training from the American intelligence agency is chosen as the driver.

The driver's skills are so precise that they can skillfully operate the vehicle under any circumstances. In case of danger, the driver is instructed to quickly transport the President to a safe location. He is trained to drive in such a way that he can even evade imaginary spy James Bond.

Apart from "The Beast," there are several other vehicles accompanying the President. In the rear vehicle behind the President's car, security personnel and officials from the intelligence agency are present. Other vehicles include doctors and other representatives.

These special vehicles will accompany Biden during his visit to India. While Biden is in Delhi, there will always be his security detail near "The Beast."

Biden's arrival has caused a high level of security in Delhi. The capital has been put on high alert. The Indian Air Force and the Indian Army's helicopters will be circling the skies over Delhi to monitor Biden's presence. These helicopters will have personnel from the armed forces and the National Security Guard (NSG) on board.

On the ground in Delhi, the NSG and snipers from the armed forces will be stationed at various locations. The Delhi Police also has different responsibilities in ensuring Biden's security. Many technologies have been installed in multiple locations to guarantee the President's security, which will counter drone activities. At the same time, Biden will be accompanied by "The Beast," his trusted companion, during his stay in Delhi.

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