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Barcelona and Rolling Stones Join Forces for Clasico Kit

 Barcelona and Rolling Stones Join Forces for Clasico Kit

Barcelona and Rolling Stones Join Forces for Clasico Kit
Barcelona and Rolling Stones Join Forces for Clasico Kit(Image-Getty) 

Barcelona has recently made an intriguing collaboration with the legendary band, the Rolling Stones, as the club unveiled plans to showcase the band's iconic tongue and lips logo on their kit for the highly anticipated Clasico match against Real Madrid next week, as per the announcement on Thursday.

While Barcelona has previously partnered with music streaming giant Spotify since the 2021/22 season, featuring campaigns with notable artists such as Drake and Spanish singer Rosalia, this unique fusion of sports and rock culture is expected to evoke enthusiasm among fans, especially those with a passion for rock music.

Expressing their excitement over the collaboration, the club stated, "FC Barcelona and Spotify have done it again. The jersey that Barca will wear at El Clasico on October 28 will once again become an icon that will attract the attention of the whole world." In a departure from the traditional Spotify logo, the renowned Tongue and Lips emblem of The Rolling Stones, represented by Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Ronnie Wood, will take its place on the celebrated FC Barcelona kit.

Coinciding with the upcoming release of The Rolling Stones' latest album, Hackney Diamonds, the exclusive jersey is set to hit the market on October 23, with Barcelona's women's team also donning the special edition shirt for their match against Sevilla on November 5.

In response to this distinctive collaboration, the Rolling Stones conveyed their enthusiasm, stating, "We're big football fans and we're honored that Spotify has put our Tongue & Lips logo on the FC Barcelona jersey to celebrate the release of the Stones' new album 'Hackney Diamonds'. We will be cheering on the players on the pitch as well as the fans around the world who will be watching this iconic match."

For fans unable to acquire the limited edition jersey, an exclusive album package featuring a vinyl album with the Barca crest and a retro jersey will also be made available for purchase, providing an additional opportunity for enthusiasts to engage with this unique blend of music and sports culture.

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