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Chile's World Cup Exclusion Sparks National Outcry

 Chile's World Cup Exclusion Sparks National Outcry

Chile's World Cup Exclusion Sparks National Outcry
Chile's World Cup Exclusion Sparks National Outcry(Image-Getty) 

Chile is expressing strong discontent over its exclusion from the plans for the 2030 World Cup, despite its neighboring countries, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay, being selected to host opening matches. This decision has sparked widespread discussions in the media, on the streets, and across social media platforms in Chile, and even President Gabriel Boric weighed in on the matter.

President Boric expressed his regret during a press conference, emphasizing his disappointment with what he sees as an unserious and unexpected move. He disclosed that he had spoken with the presidents of Paraguay and Argentina, both of whom claimed they were not informed about the decision prior to its public announcement. President Boric vowed to ensure that Chile receives all the rights and recognition it deserves, underscoring the importance of preserving Chile's national integrity and reputation in international sports.

Chile had jointly submitted a bid with Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay in February to host the 2030 World Cup, but when FIFA revealed the host nations, Chile was the only one among the group not selected to host any games. Instead, the majority of the tournament will be held in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco, who also presented a joint bid, while each of the South American countries will host just one game. Additionally, all six nations involved in the bid will automatically qualify for the World Cup.

This decision has sparked frustration among Chileans, with some feeling that Chilean soccer is not being given due recognition. Many, like student Abigail Rebolledo in Santiago, believe that Chile should receive equal importance and evaluation as the other countries involved in the initial bid and that the decision should align with the original agreement.

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