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FIFA Tackles Environmental Concerns in 2030 World Cup Across 3 Continents

 FIFA Tackles Environmental Concerns in 2030 World Cup Across 3 Continents

FIFA Tackles Environmental Concerns in 2030 World Cup Across 3 Continents
View of the Conmebol headquarters decorated with lights announcing the 2030 World Cup in Luque, Paraguay on October 5, 2023. Morocco, Portugal and Spain will be joint hosts for the 2030 World Cup but games will also be played in Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay, FIFA announced on October 4, 2023(Image-Getty) 

FIFA has pledged to address and "mitigate the environmental impact" of the 2030 World Cup, which spans three continents, in response to concerns raised by climate activists.

Last week, FIFA announced that the 2030 tournament would be hosted jointly by Morocco, Spain, and Portugal, with Uruguay, Argentina, and Paraguay hosting the opening matches in celebration of the tournament's centenary. This decision drew criticism due to the increased emissions associated with the extensive travel required.

FIFA, in an effort to address these concerns, emphasized on its website that only three matches would be played in South America, stating, "Morocco, Portugal, and Spain will be the hosts of the FIFA World Cup 2030. Therefore, for 101 games, the tournament will be played in a footprint of neighboring countries in close geographic proximity and with extensive and well-developed transport links and infrastructure."

The governing body of world soccer also committed to taking all necessary measures to minimize the environmental impact of the event. Additionally, they highlighted the sustainability aspect, noting that having a single bid significantly reduces travel related to site inspection visits and other meetings.

FIFA further confirmed that Uruguay, Argentina, and Paraguay would receive automatic qualification for the tournament, resulting in six out of the 48 teams being already confirmed. According to FIFA, "Morocco, Portugal, and Spain, as tournament hosts, and Uruguay, Argentina, and Paraguay, as hosts of the centenary celebration, will qualify automatically from the slot allocation quota of their respective confederations."

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