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Halifax's Goalkeeper Shines in Hard-Fought Victory over Pools

Halifax's Goalkeeper Shines in Hard-Fought Victory over Pools

Halifax's Goalkeeper Shines in Hard-Fought Victory over Pools
Hartlepool United's Anthony Mancini (L) celebrates Hartlepool United's Emmanuel Dieseruvwe's goal during the Pre-season Friendly match between Hartlepool United and Middlesbrough at Victoria Park, Hartlepool on Friday 14th July 2023(Image-Getty)

 Halifax secured a hard-fought 2-1 victory over Pools, owing much of their success to the stellar performance of their goalkeeper, Sam Johnson. Johnson's remarkable saves, including a stunning stop to deny former Shayman Emmanuel Dieseruvwe, were crucial in maintaining their lead in the intense final stages of the match.

Despite acknowledging Johnson's heroics, Halifax's Paul Oakes emphasized the team's overall outstanding display, asserting their rightful claim to the win. Oakes highlighted their strong start, expressing disappointment over conceding from a set piece but lauding their resilience, especially in the second half. He commended the team's swift response and noted that while Pools had late opportunities, Johnson's brilliance helped secure a fair and well-deserved outcome for Halifax.

Notably, Oakes also praised the performance of returning striker Dieseruvwe, who had previously spent a successful year with Halifax. The striker's instinctive goal during the match demonstrated his impactful presence on the field, adding to his impressive record this season. Oakes acknowledged the common occurrence in football where former players haunt their previous teams but expressed relief that Dieseruvwe's goal did not lead to a defeat for Halifax.

Hartlepool manager Askey echoed Oakes's sentiments, singling out Dieseruvwe as a standout performer despite their recent struggles. Askey highlighted the striker's exceptional form, underscoring his importance to the team's overall performance and goal-scoring prowess. Despite the challenging run of form, Askey found solace in the impressive contributions of certain key players, including the talented center-forward.

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