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Israel FA Head Criticizes English FA's Wembley Gesture

 Israel FA Head Criticizes English FA's Wembley Gesture

Israel FA Head Criticizes English FA's Wembley Gesture
Israel FA Head Criticizes English FA's Wembley Gesture(Image-Getty) 

Moshe Zuares, the head of the Israel Football Association, has openly criticized the English FA's recent choice not to illuminate Wembley Stadium's arch in blue and white as a symbol of support for Israel, following the recent assaults by the Palestinian militant group Hamas. In a poignant statement released on Friday, Zuares condemned the decision, emphasizing the significance of historical truth and remembrance in the face of profound tragedy.

Expressing dismay at the FA's reluctance to show solidarity through this symbolic gesture, Zuares lamented the loss of innocent lives, including numerous children, women, and men, during the recent conflict. He emphasized that the victims were primarily Israeli civilians, echoing the anguish and pain endured by the country.

Highlighting the broader context of the situation, Zuares underscored the role of the English FA in upholding moral standards, expressing disappointment in their response to the plea for support. Despite his attempts to communicate the gravity of the matter to the English FA, Zuares voiced his frustration at their failure to comprehend the urgency and significance of the gesture.

While the FA defended their decision, emphasizing the disallowance of flags and shirts related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict within Wembley Stadium during the upcoming matches, the move was met with widespread criticism, including the resignation of Rabbi Alex Goldberg as the chair of the FA's Faith in Football network. The FA, acknowledging the significance of the support provided by Rabbi Alex over the years, clarified that the decision not to allow the display of Israeli or Palestine flags was made based on the direct request of senior members of the Jewish community.

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