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Messi Fit for Crucial World Cup Qualifiers: Coach Scaloni Confirms

 Messi Fit for Crucial World Cup Qualifiers: Coach Scaloni Confirms

Messi Fit for Crucial World Cup Qualifiers
Lionel Messi drives the ball against Rodrigo De Paul during a training session of Argentina national team at Lionel Messi Training Camp on November 14, 2023 in Ezeiza, Argentina.(Image-Getty) 

In the latest update on Lionel Messi's fitness status, Argentina's coach, Lionel Scaloni, reassured fans that despite the forward's recent lack of playing time, he will be ready for the crucial World Cup qualifiers against Uruguay and Brazil. Messi, representing Inter Miami, experienced an early elimination before the MLS playoffs, rendering him inactive for nearly a month during the ongoing season.

Providing insights into Messi's condition, Scaloni stated during a press conference, "Messi is fine, he is doing well. Even though he's played one game in the last 25 days, he's been training normally, he's fit and good." This declaration aimed to alleviate concerns about Messi's readiness for the upcoming matches.

Argentina is set to face Uruguay on Thursday, followed by a clash with Brazil next Tuesday. Despite Messi's limited recent on-field action, his impactful performance in the previous month's match against Peru, where he secured a 2-0 victory with a brace, adds confidence to the team's prospects.

The anticipation surrounding these matches is heightened by Scaloni's excitement at facing his former mentor, Marcelo Bielsa, now leading Uruguay. Scaloni expressed, "All of us who have passed through his hands (as a coach) are marked. It's a satisfaction to be able to face him and greet him."

Currently, Argentina leads the South American qualifying group with an impressive 12 points from four wins in as many matches. Uruguay follows closely in second place with seven points, sharing this standing with third-placed Brazil and fourth-placed Venezuela.

Scaloni emphasized the team's capability to confront any opponent, stating, "This team has already shown that it is capable of playing against any opponent... We will rise to the occasion, we are ready to compete." As the World Cup qualifiers unfold, fans eagerly await Messi's impactful contribution to Argentina's quest for success on the international stage.

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