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Copa America 2023: Argentina's Favorable Draw, Brazil Faces Challenges

 Copa America 2023: Argentina's Favorable Draw, Brazil Faces Challenges

Lionel Scaloni, Head Coach of Argentina
Lionel Scaloni, Head Coach of Argentina, presents the Copa America trophy during the official draw of CONMEBOL Copa America 2024 at James L. Knight Center on December 07, 2023 in Miami, Florida(Image-Getty) 

Argentina have relatively easy opponents in the group stage in their campaign to retain the Copa America title. Lionel Messi has got Chile and Peru as opponents in 'A' group. The other team in the group will be any team between Canada and Trinidad and Tobago.

And in 'D' group Brazil got Colombia and Paraguay. Any team between Costa Rica and Honduras will join. The grouping was finalized in the Copa America draw held today in Miami.

Next year in June-July, the highest competition in South American continent football will be held in the United States. 16 teams will play in the 48th edition of the tournament. 6 teams from North, Central America and the Caribbean (CONCACAF) joined the 10 members of the South American Football Confederation (CONMABLE).

In the draw, the teams are divided in such a way that a group does not contain all four teams from CONMEBOL, and does not contain 3 teams from CONCACAF. In the group, Argentina is joined by CONMEBOL's Peru and Chile. Both these teams are having a bad time in the regional qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup. After 6 matches out of 10 teams, Chile is at number 8 and Peru at number 10.

Because of this, Argentina will not play against these two teams before the final. Messira will get CONCACAF's Canada or Trinidad and Tobago as the fourth team in the group. Who will be the partner of the two teams will be finalized next March.

Group B consists of four teams, two from CONMEBOL, two from CONCACAF. The favorite Mexico here has got Ecuador, Venezuela and Jamaica as opponents. The host USA is facing a tough fight in 'C' group. Along with Uruguay and Bolivia, there is Panama in CONCACAF. Brazil also got a tough opponent in 'D' group.

Five-time world champions Colombia and Paraguay are here. A few days ago, Brazil lost to Colombia in the World Cup qualifiers. At the moment, in the regional selection, Brazil is number 6, Colombia is number 3. Other group mates Paraguay are placed seventh. Either Costa Rica or Honduras will join Brazil in Group D.

Argentina will play either Canada or Trinidad and Tobago in the opening match of the tournament on June 20. The final will be held in Miami on July 14.

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