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First Christmas Day Goal in 1889

 First Christmas Day Goal in 1889

First Christmas Day Goal
First Christmas Day Goal(Image-Getty) 

Footballers from Europe's top five leagues are now on Christmas break. On this one day, the footballers spend time with family and friends taking a break from the game. They also shared pictures of their Christmas celebrations with their fans on social media. But for a long time Christmas matches were a regular thing in the English Football League.

Still, matches are played on Christmas Day in various leagues around the world. However, the last match played on Christmas Day in English football was in 1965. That match was played between Blackburn Rovers and Blackpool. La Liga also saw its last football match on Christmas Day the same year.

Amidst this Christmas celebration, a person in the "The Knowledge" section of the British newspaper "The Guardian" wanted to know the name of the footballer who scored the first goal on Christmas. In response to such a curious question, the Guardian also revealed the name of the player who scored the first goal on Christmas Day.

According to the Guardian, the first match was played on Christmas Day, December 25, in 1889. In the match defending champions Preston beat Aston Villa 3–2. In the 6th minute of this match, Scottish striker Nick Rose scored a goal and gave Preston the lead. This was the first goal scored by a footballer in the Football League on Christmas Day.

However, it was not the first goal in a competitive match. A year ago, Everton played two games on Christmas Day. After a match against Blackburn Park Road in the Lancashire Cup, they played a friendly against Ulster FC. Where forward Garget scored for Blackburn Park Road against Everton. However, Blackburn lost the match 3–2. Everton left the field with a win in the other match as well. They beat Ulster 3–0.

A look at the Scottish football calendar, however, reveals that the first goal on Christmas Day was another eight years ago. This goal was scored in a Scottish Cup match on 25 December 1880. Three matches were played on the field that day. However, Rangers v Dumbarton and Arthurlie v Vale of Leven were goalless draws until the first half. However, the match between Campsie Central and Queen's Park was a one-sided affair.

According to, Queen's Park won 10–0 that day. George Carr and John Smith scored hat-tricks. Johnny Kay and Harry McNeil scored two goals each. Looking at the sequence, the first goal that day came from who. But if Carr isn't the first goalscorer on Christmas Day, it could be one of Smith, Kay or McNeill.

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