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Kissing scandal, City's 'trio', Messi-Ronaldo's 'revolution'

 Kissing scandal, City's 'trio', Messi-Ronaldo's 'revolution'

Kissing scandal, Luis Rubiales
A man takes pictures of a mural by Italian street artist Salvatore Benintende aka TvBoy which depicts Spanish Football Federation President Luis Rubiales kissing Spain midfielder Jenni Hermoso, in Barcelona on September 1, 2023. Spain's sports court has agreed to investigate Luis Rubiales for forcibly kissing star player Jenni Hermoso, after the Women's World Cup final match in Sydney, paving the way for fresh sanctions against the scandal-hit football boss, sources close to the case said today.(Image-Getty) 

"The thrill of experiencing a new football league in a different country overwhelmed me" — this is what Cristiano Ronaldo said when he joined Saudi Arabian club Al Nasr on December 31 last year. Who knew, one man's desire for thrill would change the opening of football! The truth is, Ronaldo's announcement has changed the map of football.

Football has never been the same since Ronaldo moved to the Saudi Pro League. This change was further fueled by Lionel Messi's US-journey. Due to two of the greatest stars in history, the direction of football has also moved away from Europe. The two big events of the year were the defection of the duo. However, Manchester City's treble win, Spain's Women's World Cup win, followed by the Luis Rubiales controversy, Santos' relegation and Brazil's 'hell spectacle' were also some of the most talked about football events. This arrangement of Saltamami is about some of the most discussed events in international football.

Ronaldo's Saudi trip and the domino effect

At the beginning of the year, the Saudi Pro League came into discussion because of Ronaldo. After Ronaldo, the clubs of the Saudi League raised their hands to get Messi-Mbappe. Even if these two were not found in the end, the Pro League shocked the European clubs by changing teams. Ronaldo's Saudi journey was essentially a domino effect. After Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino, Jordan Henderson and Riyad Mahrez appeared in the Saudi League. The world's best coaches like Pep Guardiola-J├╝rgen Klopp expressed their fear about footballers going to Saudi Arabia after receiving money. Even with the change of teams, the Saudi league rose to the top by aceing the top leagues in Europe. However, this year's change was only a 'trailer' for Europe. In the coming days, Saudi clubs may appear as a bigger football tsunami.

"Soccer" is football at Messi's feet

Saudi Arabian club Al Hilal appeared literally with a bag of money for Messi who was cornered in PSG. At one point, Messi's Saudi-journey to rival Ronaldo seemed only a matter of time. Meanwhile, the possibility of Messi returning to Barcelona was also very bright. However, David Beckham's Inter Miami took Messi to the shores of Miami beach by avoiding the two parties. The announcement of Messi's arrival in June essentially changed the world of American sports.

Soccer, lagging behind in popularity in the United States, is suddenly in the limelight. Other games and Hollywood stars throng the stadium to catch a glimpse of Messi. In addition, Messi brought revolutionary changes to Miami in the game of the field. He brought the first title (League's Cup) to the club which had never won the title. Made it to the finals of another tournament (US Open Cup) as well. But this is just the beginning of Messi's transformation of Miami and US soccer. The new year may bring even bigger surprises.

Messi and Argentina's victory in the 'eighth heaven'

I have no more desire for football - after winning the World Cup, this is how Messi wrapped up his desire from football. But the achievement is so easy to leave behind! The eighth Ballon d'Or trophy also came last October on the heels of the World Cup. There is no one else close to Messi in this personal achievement. Ronaldo is second with five Ballon d'Ors. But 39 touches Ronaldo has no chance of touching Messi.

If someone wants to touch Messi in the future, he will have to do something incredible. Messi's achievement is also a symbol of Argentina's excellent performance throughout the year. The World Cup winning team maintained a great rhythm first in the friendlies and then in the World Cup qualifiers. Among them, Messi beat Brazil 1-0 in Maracana. And Argentina's only loss of the year came against Marcelo Bielsa's Uruguay. Lionel Scaloni's team lost 2-0 at home.

Spanish girls win the world cup

Spain's boys had to play the World Cup 13 times to win the title. The girls of Spain played there for the third time when they came to play the World Cup. Spain's women's team has one thing in common with the boys, though. Both the teams reached the final for the first time and returned home with the trophy. Spain girls beat England girls 1-0 in Sydney. However, such a historic achievement of Spanish girls was overshadowed by a controversial incident.

Rubiales of Chum-Kande Churmar

Spain's women's World Cup triumph in Sydney was quickly marred by a controversial kiss. Spanish Football Federation President Rubiales kisses Spanish footballer Henny Hermoso on the lips at the awards ceremony after the final. After that, there was a storm of controversy in the football world. Demands for Rubiales' resignation and punishment started coming from different parts of the world. Rubiales was under more pressure when Hermoso sued in this incident. However, Rubiales also said that he would stand firm by claiming his innocence. However, the end was not saved. At one stage, he stepped down not only from the position of president of the Spanish Football Federation, but also from the position of vice-president of the UEFA executive committee. FIFA also suspended him from football activities. Rubiales has also found a place in the list of the most talked about 'villain' of the year.

City treble and more…

Manchester City have been waiting like pilgrims to add a Champions League trophy to the trophy cabinet. However, the 1-0 loss to Chelsea in the final in 2020-21 was Man City's highest achievement in the Champions League until last year. City finally surpassed that achievement this year. Pep Guardiola's team won their first Champions League title after defeating Inter Milan 1-0 in the final. Besides, the historic 'treble' is certain by winning the FA Cup and the Premier League. 

Brazil's plight and Santos' relegation

Santos is one of the representatives of Brazilian football tradition. Everyone knows Santos as the football king Pele's club. Santos is even home to Brazil's current sensation and history-best goalscorer, Neymar. And Santos were relegated for the first time in their 111-year history. It can be seen, however, as a symbol of the current plight of Brazilian football. Now it remains to be seen whether Brazilian football and Santos can turn around next year.

in numbers in numbers


As the first footballer in history, Cristiano Ronaldo has touched the milestone of playing 200th international match in June this year


Lionel Messi reached the milestone of 100 goals in international football by scoring in the match against Curacao in March this year.


Last September, Neymar (79) surpassed Pele (77), the king of football, to score the highest goal for Brazil.

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