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Neymar's High-Seas Adventure | From Injury Recovery to Luxury Cruises

 Neymar's High-Seas Adventure | From Injury Recovery to Luxury Cruises

Neymar's High-Seas Adventure
Neymar's High-Seas Adventure(Image-Getty) 

How many people have a life like Neymar?

No, not talking about Neymar's injury-riddled life. The discussion is about his life in Amud. Even though he has been out of the field for a long time due to injury, how much sadness has touched him? This is the question of many people. According to the agreement, the Saudi club Al Hilal is paying Neymar to travel! Again, he is earning crores of rupees by chatting with the passengers while traveling on the boat.

Last October, while playing a World Cup qualifying match for Brazil, Neymar tore the ligament in his left knee. Since then he is out of the field. The 31-year-old forward is rehabbing after knee surgery in November. It will take at least another 8 months to fully recover. Not only this season for Al Hilal, he will not be able to play in the Copa America next year for Brazil.

Neymar, who has been undergoing rehabilitation, took his luxury yacht on a cruise this holiday. Last Monday, he celebrated Christmas with his son Davi Lucca, daughter Mavi and ex-girlfriend Bruna Biancardi at their home in Mangaratiba, Brazil. Mangaratiba left for his home state of Sao Paulo on Tuesday. From there, he went out on Wednesday with his MSC Preziosa model 333 meters long pleasure boat.

Neymar's ship traveled by sea to Rio de Janeiro with thousands of passengers. From Rio today is scheduled to return directly to Sao Paulo.

Neymar invited some of the country's popular musicians, DJs and comedians on this 3-day trip on the ship. They spend the whole time dancing, singing and acting. The resort also has a casino and water park.

The Brazilian media "O Globo" reported that passengers had the opportunity to dance, sing, party, take pictures and eat with Neymar during this exciting journey in the deep sea. A minimum of 5 thousand 366 to 32 thousand 200 Brazilian Real was taken from each passenger. In total, Neymar's income from passenger fares can be 2 crore Brazilian reals. Neymar's cruise service is called 'Nei Em Alto Mar' (Neymar on the Far Sea). Basically this is his new business.

Several pictures and videos of Neymar's voyage have been shared on social media. In a recent video posted by Neymar, he was seen scrambling around with scratches, but in a new video, he was seen walking without any support.

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