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Pele's Alleged Daughter | DNA Test Negative

 Pele's Alleged Daughter | DNA Test Negative

Pele's Alleged Daughter
Pele's Alleged Daughter(Image-Getty) 

A Brazilian woman claimed to be the daughter of soccer legend Pele. However, Pele's son told AFP that the result of his DNA test was negative. Pele, the only footballer to win the World Cup three times, died on December 29 last year.

Pele left a total of seven children. Like his father, his son was also a footballer. "We have already done the (DNA) test," said Edinio, who spent much of his career at Santos. It is confirmed, she is not our sister. He and I have done this test in the laboratory together and have confirmed that there is no relationship.'

Pele of Brazil
Edson Arantes Do Nascimento Pele of Brazil celebrates the victory after winnings the 1970 World Cup in Mexico match between Brazil and Italy at Estadio Azteca on 21 June in Città del Messico. Mexico(Image-Getty) 

Not much is known about the identity of the woman who claims to be Pele's daughter. He came into the news last March, when it was partially revealed who would inherit Pele's estate. At the time, Pele's wife's lawyer, Louise Kignel, told AFP that there may be another daughter, who would inherit 70 percent of the legend's estate.

A DNA test had to be done to confirm whether the woman was really Pele's daughter or not. But this test was not possible due to the corona epidemic and the deterioration of his physical condition while Pele was alive. Pele's 53-year-old son Edinio is now in charge of looking after his father's estate. He confirmed that the DNA test was completed two months ago.

Even today, he did not play in the attack like his father. The former goalkeeper and coach said that there is no difficulty in looking after and distributing the property left by his father, "It is proceeding at a normal pace." Brothers have similarities. There is also no difficulty on the part of Mercia (Pell's third wife, who will receive 30 percent of the estate). My father will be honored as he wished.'

Before his death, Pele left an estimated property of 173 crore 93 lakh rupees, according to local media. However, this figure has not been confirmed by Pele's family, nor has any information been given about it.

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