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Toni Kroos grandfather

Toni Kroos grandfather

Toni Kroos grandfather
Toni Kroos grandfather(Image-Getty)

 Toni Kroos, the accomplished footballer representing Real Madrid, recently showcased his admiration for his 87-year-old grandfather in a heartfelt Instagram post in December 2023. Kroos expressed deep respect for his grandfather, referring to him as a "true legend" and providing a glimpse into their shared love for football.

In a heartwarming anecdote, Kroos recounted how he invited his grandfather to accompany him to the Champions League game in Berlin. Despite being 87 years old, his grandfather enthusiastically agreed, demonstrating an unwavering passion for the sport. The journey was documented on social media, capturing the remarkable spirit of this elderly football enthusiast.

To make the experience even more memorable, Kroos and his grandfather engaged in a podcast recording during their stay at the Ritz Carlton in Berlin. Humorously, the grandfather claimed to be staying in Room 8, a nonexistent room, adding a lighthearted touch to the narrative. Undeterred by the fictional room number, the grandfather emphasized that he would have stayed anywhere just to be part of the special occasion.

During the Union Berlin match, the 87-year-old football aficionado displayed his keen analytical skills, offering insightful comments on the game with phrases like "it was clear" and "you did the thing." His genuine and sober evaluation reflected his deep connection to the sport and, in particular, to his grandson's performance.

The story continued with a post-match rendezvous at the bar, where the grandfather, in good spirits, shared a moment of celebration with Kroos, indulging in a vodka drink at 2 o'clock. As the unforgettable experience came to a close, the elder gentleman happily headed home, cherishing the last three days as a testament to his legendary status.

Kroos concluded his Instagram post with a powerful declaration: "He is a f…. legend!" The hashtags #rmalive, #realmadrid, #halamadrid, #madridista, #tonikroos, and #kroos underscored the significance of family, football, and the enduring legacy of a true legend.

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