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Arsenal's Match week 21 Analysis | Tactical Challenges

Arsenal's Match week 21 Analysis | Tactical Challenges

Arsenal's Gabriel Martinelli
Arsenal's Gabriel Martinelli (second right) celebrates scoring their side's fourth goal of the game during the Premier League match at the Emirates Stadium, London. Picture date: Saturday January 20, 2024(Image-Getty) 

 Arsenal's Tactical Concerns: Analysis and Areas for Improvement in Matchweek 21

Arsenal faces challenges in their attack and tactical approach. Here's a detailed breakdown:

1. Scoring Struggles:

   - Initial 10 matches: 23 goals; Next 10 matches: 14 goals.

   - Recent blanks at home emphasize the need for sharper finishing against Crystal Palace.


2. Wasteful Finishing:

   - Front four's shot conversion rates have dropped significantly.

   - Martinelli's alarming dip from 27.27% to 9.09% raises concerns.

   - Lack of a prolific striker emphasizes the need for collective goal contributions.

3. Goal Distribution:

   - Last season's success with multiple goal scorers (88 goals) contrasts with recent struggles.

   - Heavy reliance on forwards to contribute consistently, impacting recent performances.

4. Build-up Issues:

   - Slow and formulaic build-up, lacking the sharp combinations seen in the 2022/23 campaign.

   - Over-reliance on Saka and Martinelli, making attacks predictable and easier to defend against.

   - Slower pace in build-up contributing to fewer quality chances created.

5. Finishing Confidence:

   - Inability to convert shots inside the box, leading to high numbers of blocked attempts.

   - Confidence issues evident, with players delaying shots and facing a significant number of blocks.

6. Second-Half Struggles:

   - Recent matches show a decline in second-half performance, with a lack of shots on target.

   - Arsenal aims to sustain pressure for longer periods in the second half, addressing recent downturns.

7. Winter Break Impact:

   - Arsenal's winter break came at an opportune time to address jaded displays.

   - A warm-weather training camp in Dubai aims to rejuvenate the team for the second half of the season.

8. Areas for Improvement:

   - While a new signing could boost the attacking options, immediate focus on tactical, physical, and technical improvements.

   - The team possesses quality, but refinement is essential for a strong push in major competitions.

Arsenal aims to overcome these challenges and elevate their performance under Arteta's guidance.

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