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Legendary Mario Jagalo, the First Player-Coach to Win World Cup, Bids Adieu

 Legendary Mario Jagalo, the First Player-Coach to Win World Cup, Bids Adieu

Mario Jagalo
Legendary Mario Jagalo Bids Adieu

He became the first person in football history to win the World Cup in both player-coach roles. He has directly contributed to four of Brazil's five World Cup victories. According to some media, he was also an advisor to the last World Cup winning team in 2002.

That Mario Jagalo crossed over last night. The death of this legend, known as the 'old wolf', has cast a shadow of mourning on the world of football.

Dear old wolf, thank you so much for everything! You are a true winner, the tradition of the Brazilian national team. Lucky to learn a lot from you. You will be honored forever. My deepest condolences to your family, friends and fans. It is also a day of mourning for world football. Sleep in peace, wake up!

Branco, 1994 World Cup winning Brazilian fullback

Some damage takes away the ground from the soles of the feet. This (Jagalor's departure) is one of, perhaps, one of the biggest losses of my life. As much as you know about Jagalo, from what you have seen on TV or in newspapers, I don't. When I thought my playing career was about to end, he saved my career. He trusted me. Said, if I can do something on the field, then everyone will follow me. And we will realize that no matter what, we will be champions. Your departure is like living a nightmare for me. We will always remember your contribution. Don't let anything get away. Thanks for everything. you changed my life Wake up, I'm not kidding. really love you I will love all my life.

Ricardo Rocha, 1994 World Cup winning Brazilian center back

I was surprised to hear the news. I am writing the words with tears in my eyes. Spent last years with him. The footballing philosophy, conversation, work ethic and confidence—all in all, he is an icon. He has contributed to every step and achievement of the Brazilian national team. Thank you for every minute spent with me. I have always listened to you. Highest respect to my old wolf.

Marinho, Brazilian footballer

I can only thank you for what you have done for us. Your love for turmeric was unmatched. How can I forget the 1998 World Cup semi-final! You boosted the confidence of the players with all your energy and conviction minutes before the penalty shootout. I have always been your biggest fan. Rest in peace, old wolf.

Alexandre Mattos, Brazilian football manager

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