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Premier League Reveals Referee-VAR Conversations in Mic'd Up Series

 Premier League Reveals Referee-VAR Conversations in Mic'd Up Series

Premier League Reveals Referee-VAR
Both sets of players await a VAR check after Alex Moreno of Aston Villa (not pictured) scores the teams first goal, which was later disallowed during the Premier League match between Everton FC and Aston Villa at Goodison Park on January 14, 2024 in Liverpool, England.(Image-Getty) 

The Premier League, in collaboration with PGMOL, introduces detailed discussions between on-field referees and VAR in the latest "Match Officials: Mic'd Up" series. Howard Webb, PGMOL's Chief Operating Officer, analyzes five recent incidents, shedding light on decision-making processes. Notably, the referees' conversations with VAR are unveiled, enhancing fan understanding.

Incident 1: 

Carlton Morris's late equalizer against Burnley

Referee Tony Harrington awards the goal after a collision between Burnley's James Trafford and Luton's Elijah Adebayo. VAR reviews uphold the decision, emphasizing the subjective nature of the incident.

Incident 2: 

Raul Jimenez's red card against Newcastle

Referee Sam Barrott initially issues a yellow card for a challenge on Sean Longstaff. VAR deems it dangerous play, prompting Barrott to change the decision to a red card after reviewing the incident.

Incident 3:

 Penalty for Kulusevski's shirt pull against Brighton

Referee Jarred Gillett initially ignores Dejan Kulusevski's shirt pull on Danny Welbeck. VAR prompts a review, leading to a penalty and a yellow card for Kulusevski. Webb applauds the decisive and efficient decision-making.

Incident 4: 

Odegaard's possible handball against Liverpool

Referee Chris Kavanagh overlooks Martin Odegaard's apparent handball. VAR confirms the on-field decision, sparking disagreement. Webb acknowledges the controversy, emphasizing the difficulty of interpreting intent.

Incident 5:

 Penalty for Onana's handball against Man City

Referee John Brooks awards a penalty for Amadou Onana's handball. VAR upholds the decision, highlighting the subjective nature of handball calls and the officials' collaborative approach.

Webb also addresses assistant referees' delayed flagging for offsides, emphasizing its relevance in minimizing incorrect decisions while prioritizing player safety. The glossary clarifies terms such as VAR, AVAR, RO, and APP for better comprehension.

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