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Real Madrid's Gritty EuroLeague Triumph: Mateo and Llull Reflect on Team Tenacity

 Real Madrid's Gritty EuroLeague Triumph: Mateo and Llull Reflect on Team Tenacity

Sergio Llull of Real Madrid
Sergio Llull of Real Madrid receives the ball during the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Regular Season Round 21 match between Real Madrid and Valencia Basket at WiZink Center on January 11, 2024 in Madrid, Spain(Image-Getty) 

Chus Mateo and Sergio Llull analyzed Real Madrid's victory against Valencia Basket in the EuroLeague. The coach assessed the game in the WiZink Center press room: "There are many games, and it's normal that there are some where it's tough for us to get into. Whether you like it or not, in the end, the focus can't always be the same. We almost don't even know which city we woke up in or what day of the week it is. Sometimes, when there's not as much concentration, my duty is to try to wake them up. They are titans and are fighting like champions. I am very proud of them."

"You can't always shine. We have a high level of passing, ball circulation, rebounds, etc., but today was a game that required getting a little dirty. We've been fighting to get into the game. We weren't connecting, but tenacity and consistency made us get in and secure the victory. I'm happy for another win, for continuing to accumulate points, and for being at the top, because whether we're first or second is a side note, and what we have to do is reach the playoffs with home-court advantage."

Llull: "We deserved to win"

"We knew it would be a tough game. They started very well, and we couldn't find solutions in defense, but I believe that, in the end, the team made a great effort, and in overtime, we were superior and deserved to win."


"It's our DNA, the character of this club, never giving up. In the end, when the game is even, or you're even behind on the scoreboard, you find strength where it seems there is none to try to turn it around. Today, we did it again, but it would be good to also win in 40 minutes."


"I am very happy, very proud, and very grateful to the fans for their support during these 18 seasons. They have always been there, supporting me, and have identified a lot with me. They have helped me a lot to keep improving and to keep playing more games with Real Madrid."

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