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What language does Bellingham speak?

 What language does Bellingham speak?

Jude  Bellingham

Jude Bellingham, having made the move from Manchester City in 2020, has embraced language acquisition, achieving a state of "near fluency" as he navigates away from the intense Premier League focus. Reflecting on his initial challenges, he recalls the difficulty of adapting to a new linguistic environment, where not everyone spoke English upon his arrival. Struggling with the language barrier, Bellingham had to swiftly grasp German to communicate effectively.

His linguistic journey continues with his recent venture into learning Spanish since joining Real Madrid in the summer. However, contrary to his expectations, the process has proven more challenging than anticipated. Bellingham candidly acknowledges this difficulty, expressing a sense of letting others down by still not speaking Spanish.

A glimpse into Bellingham's multilingual abilities reveals his diverse language repertoire. Born in Birmingham, England, English is his first language. Yet, after spending three years at Dortmund, it's no surprise that he might have picked up some German fluency. This linguistic versatility is evident in a BVB YouTube clip where he can be heard swearing in German.

To seamlessly integrate into his new lifestyle in Spain, Bellingham has actively embraced language learning. Utilizing a language-learning app, he is diligently working to expand his vocabulary beyond the linguistic boundaries of his school years. His commitment to this endeavor is evident, as he consistently uses the app on his phone, detailing a dedicated effort spanning the past nine days.

The parallels with his earlier language-learning experience, rapidly achieving fluency in German after joining Manchester City in 2020, showcase Bellingham's determination to transcend language barriers and immerse himself fully in the cultural nuances of his football journey beyond the Premier League spotlight.

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